Joseph Gian





7/13/1961 , North Miami Beach, Florida

Birth Name

Joseph Rico Giangrosso




Joseph Gian, also known as Joey Gian or Joe Gian started out as a competitor in the Male Vocalist category during the third season of Star Search in 1985. He did well on the show and wound up as a semi-finalist. That sure didn't stop him. He had appeared in a couple of big movies in minor roles and co-starred with John Ritter on the TV series Hooperman before hitting it big on Knots Landing, as the mysterious detective Tom Ryan. He was only to be on the show for a couple of episodes but letters poured in from viewers wanting more of Tom Ryan aka Joey Gian and the producers extended his contract for a couple of more episodes. He returned to Knots Landing during its last couple of episodes in the last year of its run. Joey Gian still has not slowed down. He landed guest spots on Beverly Hills 90210, L.A. Law, Lois & Clark, Highway to Heaven, It's a Living and V.I.P.

Joey also extended his acting into a music career. He made a guest appearance on Life with Bonnie, portraying a cruise ship entertainer and appeared in two Diana Ross music videos – Eaten Alive and Experience. In 2000's motion picture, Return to Me, Joey Gian played himself and sang two of his original songs, What If I Loved You and Here I Am, which were also included in the movie soundtrack.

Joey Gian may have enjoyed acting but his real love and interest lies in music. As a singer, he has performed in nightclubs and showrooms, among them House of Blues, RIX, The Bitter End, Chasen's , the Roxy, Whiskey, Harrah's at Lake Tahoe and Stone Pony.

As of December 2003, he performed weekly at the Bootlegger Bistro in Las Vegas, Nevada, singing Tony Bennett-style songs and other genres.