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  • Joey Gian is a multi talented person. He's what they call in Hollywood a triple threat.......He is my personal favorite and an above average perfomer. He has it all.....

    Joey Gian has the right stuff!! Not only can he act and
    make you feel like it's real, but has an excellent singing voice and writes a lot of his songs. My wish for Mr. Gian
    is that someone comes along and offers him a big part in
    a movie. Hollywood really needed to sit up and take notice
    of this person before and if not they should do it now.
    This man is extremely good looking with the best smile
    I've ever seen. His speaking voice alone should win him
    any part in a movie, needless to say of how handsome he
    is. I was happy to hear that some years ago Mr. Gian was
    a guest on a show called LA LAW and I suppose he met my
    cousin Alan Rachins. I would like Joey Gian to know how
    much I have admired his work over the years and I wish
    he was back on television. At least I got to see him on
    Knots Landing and recently on the Bonnie Hunt Show singing
    and acting in a somewhat comedic role. I personally think
    that Mr. Gian would do very well on a comedy, it just suits