Joseph ("Joe") J. Catalano Sr.

Joseph ("Joe") J. Catalano Sr.

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  • This summary is what I see in loyal friends someone with the ability to be able to see when a person is good on the inside and recongize the bad

    I do my best to watch the show, it is very good and Id say out of all the court shows this was is the best, Sometimes I feel uncomfortable for the people when they get yelled at but shes right.

    Now id like to say that "Joe" is loyal to the judge, Everytime they show him he has that serious personna But in a good way, I bet in real life he is very sweet. The Mustache is very handsome, I wish he would walk the people out so we could see more of him..(smile)

    But it is very allureing to the eyes.

    Keep up the good work

    Very sincer, Ramonamoreless