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    • Joseph Mallozzi: (About season 4 of Stargate Atlantis) We got a vert early pick-up, and as Stargate SG-1 wasn't coming back, we were only doing 20 episodes, so that allowed us to really sit down and say, "OK, why don't we take a look at what we've done in the past couple of years - really think about it - and come up with an overall game plan for the season". For instance, the Teyla character was underused; we wanted to explore her character. We wanted to explore the Sheppard back-story, and certain relationships betwwen characters that we haven't done in the past, like Ronon and McKay. There was so much focus on the Replicators last year, we got away from the Wraith and I've always been a fan of villains with a face - a perfect example are the Goa'uld; they all had their separate personalities, and they were very colorful, which made them interesting. We thought, "Well if were kicking off this Wraith/Replicator war and we have to make an uneasy alliance, theres that Wraith.." Chris Heyerdahl comes back as said Wraith who Sheppard ends up naming Todd! I honestly feel that season 4 is the best season we've done, justin terms of the stories we tell, and I find that very satisfying.