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  • Team MoJo is ~not~ the champions!

    Joseph appeared on the 2006 season of The Amazing Race, this review is based on his appearance there.

    Joseph was half of team MoJo, with his girlfriend Monica. At first, I thought he was just a jerk because he always seemed to be yelling at Monica and calling her names.

    But then my opinion changed... maybe he had reason to yell at her, I thought as I watched Monica have a completely unexpected and childish snit fit in an Italian marketplace. It was the 'carrying the fish' task, and Monica decided in the middle of things that she just wanted to be a cry-baby. Joseph tried to keep her going... but she was too interested in herself to care. And I understood why he yelled at her and called her names; I'm sure he'd seen that behavior before.

    As Monica continued to turn into a thouroughly unpleasant person, Joseph stayed the same... and I began to like him more for putting up with Monica. By the end of the race, I can't say that I liked him entirely, as he and Monica both seemed to think that sneaky, underhanded dealing was the way to go, but I think I liked him better than I had at the beginning of the race. Overall, I'd say he's not a nice guy, but he probably deserves better than Monica.moreless