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    • Joseph Simmons: I'm not branding. I'm branding myself as a dad and a husband, and the brand that you're looking at is brand Family Man. It's me teaching the world about the gifts that God gave me.

    • Joseph Simmons: What is the meaning of success? depends on what your striving for. Don't expect achievements alone will make you complete. Happiness comes from appreciating what you have not what your searching for. Remember make your life a hit don't wait for the hit to make your life.

    • Joseph Simmons: God gives to givers and takes from takers.

    • Joseph Simmons: The wedding and the honeymoon are probably the furthest thing from marriage.

    • Joseph Simmons: How do you recover from an extraordinary loss? Take stock of loved ones around you. Hug them, love them, and cherish them. When you appreciate the joys in your life, it makes sorrow that much easier to swallow. Every day is a new day. Hope floats, so let it rise. God is love.

    • Joseph Simmons: When somebody comes up to you and says, "What's up player" or "How you doing, pimp," really it's a term of endearment. We're not saying, "Go and become a pimp." You have to understand rap. It's a coded thing.
      My son, Daniel - Daniel is eight - comes up and says "What's up, Pimp Juice?" It wasn't like he was saying, "Go and be a pimp." It's like when people say, "What up, nigga" we don't look at it like, "Oh God. The..."

    • Joseph Simmons: Rap is a reflection of the world.