Josephine Byrnes

Josephine Byrnes


12/28/1966, Connecticut

Birth Name

Josephine Mary Byrnes


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Josephine Byrnes is an outstanding actress with numerous awards to her name. She became an international name after appearing in The Brides of Christ early in her career. Despite being recognised throughout Australia, her more recent work has not gleaned the recognition she deserves. Although she takes 'time…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1993, Josephine went to the Cannes Film Festival, France, where her film Frauds was being shown.

    • Josephine appeared in the international smash hit The Matrix Reloaded. Actor Hugo weaving also starred in the film. In 1993, they had played husband and wife in the film Frauds.

    • In 2001, Josephine appeared in comedian Billy Connolly's film The Man Who Sued God. Actress Lenore Smith also appeared in the film. Jospehine also appeared along side Lenore when she guest starred in an episode of the Aussie Drama The Flying Doctors.

    • Josephine played Miriam Chadwick in the multi-award winning 1997 film Oscar And Lucinda. Her co-stars were Oscar winner Cate Blanchette and Oscar nominated Ralph Fiennes.

    • When Nicole Kidman married Kieth Urban, Josephine attended Nicole's hen party along with fellow Brides of Christ star Naomi Watts.

    • Jospehine was at NIDA with Murder Call star Peter Mochrie. They have remained close friends ever since. They have also both appeared in the Autralian drama Water Rats.

    • In 1991, Josephine won a Variety Club Best Actress award for her work on Australian television.

    • In 1993, Josephine received a Green Room Award for Best Actress in a musical for her performance in High Society.

    • Josephine was 'discovered' by Driector Rod Hardy and Producer Jan Marnell when she was performing in a production of Joking Apart at NIDA. Rod Hardy went on to direct her in Shadows Of The Heart.

    • When filming Shadows Of The Heart, Josephine was required for virtually every scene. Filming began daily at 5am often finished as late as midnight. During the nine week shoot, she had just one day off.

    • Josephine starred as Dr. Kate Munro in the 1990 mini series Shadows of The Heart. Actress Lisa Hensley also appeared in the series as Jillian Hughes. The following year they were to co-star as nuns who become best friends in The Brides Of Christ.

    • In 1992, she won two Logie Awards, both for her performance in The Brides of Christ. The following year she won another in the category of Most Popular Actress in a Telemovie or Mini Series.

    • Josephine studied Graphic Art as well as Drama.

    • As a child, Josephine put on plays in a friend's garage. Her sisters would do the acting while she directed.

  • Quotes

    • Josephine: (On her reluctance to talk about her acting career after her early successes) It's a horrible thing, and this is partly why I try not to do too many interviews, with people going, 'What happened?'

    • Josephine: (On the acting profession and her career) I think my story's not particularly different from a lot of people's, that it's so much about time and place, and what the industry's doing.

    • Josephine: (On her career and life) I have a wonderful life, I really do... Perhaps there are dreams that warrant a little dismantling.

    • Josephine: ( on her career) I'm in a state of great irresolution in my life. In all areas. I'm at an age where perhaps my career hasn't done what you might hope for in your youth, It would have been nice if things had happened differently, but that's just sort of fantasy land.