Josephine Davison

Josephine Davison


New Zealand

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Josephine Davison



Also Known As

Jo Davison, Jo Davidson, Josephine Davidson
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Josephine was born in 1973. She is perhaps best known in her home country for her role of Gina Rossi-Dodds on the New Zealand soap Shortland Street, but she is best known in the US for her various guest roles on the shows Hercules the Legendary Journeys and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Josephine lists an acting credit for the shortlived TV show Orange Roughies in her resume, but the episode which featured her never aired.

    • Josephine has done promo voice overs for the NZ TVONE channel.

    • Josephine's short film credits include Colour Me Red (1997), Tupe Tam Yam (1996), Bleeding Heart (1996), and A Little Death (1994).

    • Jospehine was happy to be working with Michael Hurst as a director for the Xena episode "Antony and Cleopatra". He had previously directed her in the play Othello, when she played the lead role of Desdemona.

    • Josephine had only one scene in the Xena episode "Antony and Cleopatra", but she was nervous about it because she had to disrobe and walk into a bath of milk, and she was completely nude for it, though only a brief flash of her backside is shown. In fact, she thought the worst part of shooting it was that the milk rapidly became cold, and she needed a hot water bottle in her lap to keep her from getting too cold!

    • Josephine trained with an Olympic class New Zealand archer for her role as Artemis in the Xena episode "Motherhood", since she was given a real bow for her fight scenes and had to shoot arrows.

    • Josephine's role as originally conceived in the Xena episode "Antony and Cleopatra" was meant to be much bigger. They still intended to have Xena pretend to be Cleopatra with Antony, but instead of Cleopatra being killed in the teaser by Brutus, they intended Xena to capture Cleopatra and hide her out of the way until she stopped the Romans' Civil War, and then release her. Josephine would have been featured in at least two more scenes.

    • Josephine has several autographed trading cards from her stint on Hercules, including her character Ramina from the third season episode "Promises" and one for her voicing of Alcmene for the cartoon movie Hercules and Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus. She also has one as Cleopatra for the Xena episode "Antony and Cleopatra".

    • Josephine has done many commercials, including those for World Vision, Mother Earth, Metro Magazine,Chelsea Sugar,and McDonalds.

    • Josephine is featured in an interview for the Xena episode "Motherhood" on the DVD release of the fifth season. She plays Artemis, and her character is killed in the episode. She is also featured in the interviews for the episode "Antony and Cleopatra" in the same season. Strangely enough, her character Cleopatra is also killed in that episode!

    • Josephine was given the role of Cleopatra on Xena in the fifth season episode "Antony and Cleopatra" when Gina Torres was unable to return to play it because she was busy with her new show Cleopatra 2525. This was particularly unusual because she was already slated to guest star in the part of Artemis in the episode "Motherhood" just a few weeks later.

    • Josephine's theatre credits include:
      (2011) The Only Child "Rita", Silo Theatre, Dir. Shane Bosher
      (2009) The Scene, 'Stella', Silo Theatre, Dir. Peter Elliot
      (2003) The Shape of Things "Jenny", Auckland Theatre Company
      (2003) Blasted "Kate", Silo Theatre, dir. Michael Lawrence
      (2002) Flush "Sheena", Maidment Theatre, dir. Hamish Hector Taylor
      (2001) Middle Age Spread "Judy", Downstage Theatre
      (2001) The Blue Room, Lead, Fortune & Court Theatres

    • Josephine is a trained stage fighter and horseback rider.

    • Josephine is a talented singer and can play the guitar.

    • Not only is she trained to act using many different accents, but Josephine also speaks Italian.

    • Josephine is 5'8", with brown hair and hazel eyes.

    • Josephine is represented professinally by the firm Auckland Actors.

  • Quotes

    • Josephine (on her archery training for "Xena") It took all my strength to actually be able to pull it back, hold it back and then release. But it was a fantastic feeling, releasing it and watching the arrow flying over!

    • Josephine: (on her play "When Blasted") We have just had the first full run of the play and you have to prepare yourself for it emotionally and physically. [Playwright] Sarah Kane said if you can't portray something on stage you may as well say it doesn't exist. We are living in such a soft television kind of world, where we see war through a screen and we are so far removed, but a large proportion of the world's population is not. It is about highlighting what goes on, not for the shock value but to heighten awareness and perhaps compassion.

    • Josephine: (about her role in the controversial play "When Blasted") We are not sure how it is going to be received, how it's going to affect the audience. It is very confronting but from all the sadness and pain and violence, there is a beauty. At this time in the world, we need to think about these things. It clearly illustrates that violence begets violence.