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  • Josephine Tewson is a highly talented British actress who has had a long and varied career on both stage and screen.

    I think it would be fair to say that most people who are familiar with the work of Josephine Tewson know her best for her role as the nervous, coffee-spilling, china-breaking Elizabeth Warden, neighbour of the ever-bossy Hyacinth Bucket in the huge British sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances', which ran from 1990-1995 and was one of the most popular shows of the era.

    Josephine was perfect as Elizabeth. She portrayed Elizabeth's terror of being invited to Hyacinth's house for coffee (or any other reason) perfectly and was always able to look suitably horror-struck and straight-faced regardless of what happened to be going on around her.

    Josephine is also well known for several dramatic roles, one of the most notable of which was as an alcoholic writer (and murder victim) in the British crime series 'Midsomer Murders'. She is certainly a very versatile and talented lady.