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Josette Simon

Josette Simon

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  • The Minder gang.
  • Archie and Jamie get in trouble with the...
  • DI Murray (Josette Simon) looks suspicious.
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  • Incredibly liked and respected. Stalked by deranged idiot.

    Josette Simon is known in the industry as one of the sweetest and most generous actors to work with. From Derek Jacobi to Sigourney Weaver. She is very private. Much respected and much loved. Any of the many actors she has worked with are happy to verify that. Feel free to contact them.

    Some deranged 'fan' (who neither knows, nor have ever met her) is inexplicably posting rubbish on the internet. Clearly has nothing better to do it seems..Wonder who'll be next?

    An idiot. Ignore....moreless
  • Most disliked woman inside the industry

    Josette Simon talks and talks and talks and never listens to a word anyone says. She's self absorbed, concieted and oblivious to the world around her.