Josh Bernstein

Josh Bernstein


2/24/1971, New York City, New York

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Joshua Oren Bernstein



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Josh Bernstein the former host of the History Channel series Digging for The Truth (2005 - 2007), then later hosted The Discovery Channel's Into the Unknown with Josh Bernstein (Aug - Sept 2010), is the President and CEO of BOSS, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, the oldest and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Josh Bernstein's official website is

    • Josh minored in Native American and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell Collage.

    • Josh has 5 Hats made by Akubra and he gave each hat a nickname. Henry (his 1st hat at age 15), Henry II (his 2nd hat at age 18), Henry III (his 3rd hat at age 26), Henry IV (during season 2 of Digging for the Truth), Henry V (also during season 2 of Digging for the Truth). Both Henry IV & Henry V were custom made by Steve King from Nathaniel Funmaker of Mancos, Colorado. All hats are low-crown, wide-brim cowboy hats made of 100% Beaver.

    • Josh said that while filming the "The Da Vinci Code Bloodlines" (2x23) Episode for Digging for the Truth he was most excited to see the Mona Lisa and the Louvre, to him and his crew it was a very special opportunity.

    • In 2007 Josh announced that he's left The History Channel and Digging for the Truth and joined The Discovery Channel to host and also executive produce specials and series focusing on Anthropology, Archeology and Environmental issues.

    • Josh stands five feet, eleven inches tall.

    • In the first season of Digging for the Truth Josh has traveled 100,000 miles and has logged 250,000 miles during both first and second seasons.

    • Josh owned The Outdoor Network but Sold it in order to focus more on BOSS. As of Sept 2004 The Outdoor Network Closed it's doors due to financial trouble.

    • When Josh returned to the states after filming Season 1 of Digging for the Truth he was suffering from stomach pains and went to the hospital. The next day Josh's Doctor informed him he had amoebic dysentery and whipworm.

    • In the book, Josh also says that Cuzco is his favorite city in Peru and in all of South America.

    • In his book Digging for the Truth: One Man's Epic Adventure Exploring the World's Greatest Archaeological Mysteries Josh says that he was such a great Archer he considered going to the Olympics but for whatever reason he decided to forget about doing it.

    • As a kid Josh's parents called him "habibi" in both Hebrew and Arabic. Habibi is a term of endearment meaning "darling" or "sweetie".

    • Denver's 5280 Magazine named Josh as one of the 30 Most Eligible Singles in 2001.

    • Josh's dad, George Bernstein died of a heart attack while he was sleeping just before Josh's fifteenth birthday. A year later Josh's sister was killed in a car accident when she was three years old.

    • Josh's parents, Pam and George Bernstein divorced when he was five years old.

    • When Josh was a premature baby he had Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS, a deadly disease for premature babies, it can kill them) back in the 1970's it was known as Hyaline Membrane Disease.

    • Josh enjoyed riding horses at the Elk Creek Ranch near Cody, Wyoming during the summers when he was sixteen years old.

    • In the Episode "Machu Picchu: Lost City of the Inca" (3x32) of Digging for the Truth Josh says it was his first time visiting the Inca city known as Machu Picchu, while he was standing by one of the Inca walls he told Peter Frost that he's 6'1" (with his boots on) and the wall was bigger then him.

    • In the episode "Ramsses: Visions of Greatness" (3x31) of Digging for the Truth Josh said that he loves the Temple of Carnac in Egypt.

    • In the episode "King Tut: Secrets Revealed" (3x29) of Digging for the Truth Josh says that the Egyptian Museum in Egypt is one of his favorite Museums.

    • Josh attended the prestigious Horce Mann School while growing up in the upper east side of New York City.

    • Before becoming an explorer Josh used to be a DJ in collage, while at Cornell University he was the president of the Beta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity for two terms.

    • Josh was a competitive archer when he was young.

    • When asked about his ideal woman Josh says she would have to be an explorer and be willing to join him on adventures around the world.

    • Josh is a member of The Explorer's Club and subscribes to MedjetAssist. Which is a membership program that if he gets injured during his explorations he is flown to the hospital of his choice.

    • Josh's other business ventures include: publisher and editor-in-chief of The Outdoor Network and Outdoor Prolink.

    • In Touch Magazine named Josh Television's Sexiest Host in 2006.

    • Josh can read and write in Hebrew.

    • Josh's fraternal twin brother, Andrew Berstein is the founder of Mental Yoga.

    • Josh Bernstein is an ardent environmentalist who drives a 1982 Australian FJ45 Toyota Land Cruiser that he renovated and had it converted to run on vegetable oil. He Nicknamed the Crusier, "Troopie" it seats 10 people.

  • Quotes

    • Josh: (about his cowboy hat being mistaken for a fedora) Maybe it's a hat thing, I don't know, but I've been wearing a cowboy hat - it's NOT a fedora - for the past 21 years. It has nothing to do with Indiana Jones.

    • Josh: (talking about the enviroment during The Green Conference In NY) MAKE THEM CARE! Data alone will not encourage people to make the changes and sacrifices that are becoming necessary to help save the planet.

    • Josh: (on why he was eger to join the Discovery Channel) There's just a limiting factor given that the network [The History Channel] focuses on the history of things, You're always looking at the past, and my interests are much broader than that.

    • Josh: (about which exploration was the toughest exploration) The Lost City of the Amazon was probably the toughest because we flew into a deep part of Brazil. We had to sleep in this village without any modern conveniences. I think it's between sleeping in the chief's hut for five days, or hiking across the glacier in the Alps in Season 1.

    • Josh: (about why Digging for the Truth is the highest rated show on The History Channel) I think it's a combination of things. One is the cinematography. The fact that it is shot in high-definition makes it look just so stunning. Second, the archaeological mysteries---hopefully they're compelling. And third, I think, is the adrenaline component...the diving, the exploring, the going to extremes to bring these mysteries to life.

    • Josh: (about discrimination) There's no discrimination against U.S. citizens in this, and that's what the law requires, that there be no discrimination against U.S. citizens.

    • Josh: (about congress) If Congress were able to act, there would be much less activity in the state legislatures.

    • Josh: (about the Digging for the Truth comic book) I'll admit that seeing myself turned into a comic book hero was a weird experience. I never expected that to happen -- nor did I expect it to be so much like a real comic book! I just hope that I avoid all the bad guys and get the girl in the end. ... We'll see.

    • Josh: (about exploring and his favorite places) really just love to travel and explore, to learn from other cultures and bring great stories back for our viewers. Every adventure has been worthwhile. I have a long, long list of favorites. Favorite archaeology: Egypt. Favorite site: Petra in Jordan. Favorite market: the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It goes on and on.

    • Josh: (when Josh was still studying as an undergraduate) I really liked the Near Eastern studies and Native American courses I took. I guess I always liked studying global cultures.

    • Josh: (about his meeting with Mohawk chief Ron LaFrance) I really enjoyed my talks with [the late] Mohawk chief Ron LaFrance, who was head of the American Indian Program. Seventeen years later, I can still remember sitting in his office and discussing my dreams.

    • Josh: (about immigration laws) It makes sense that some Latin American countries are trying to lead by example. They are hopping the United States will make some sense out of these immigration laws.

    • Josh: (about the DREAM Act) The DREAM Act, fundamentally, is not even about immigration policy, it's about how we treat young people who grow up here. We want DREAM Act to pass, but we don't want it to be used as a bargaining chip.

    • Josh: (about Digging for The Truth) I think its great that so many people are being turned on to exploring history. At the very least, people are re-discovering some great stories, listening with modern minds, and discerning what for them is true. I think its great that the show doesn't force feed you an opinion - we leave you able to make up your own mind. If you disagree with what I say, or with what an expert on the show says, that's fine. Independent thinking is encouraged.

  • A Great host

    Josh is a great host of Digging for the Truth, he's really smart at what he dose and dose a great job at it. I Just can't picture anyone else hosting the show other then Josh Bernstein, I hope he continues hosting Digging for the truth for as long as the History Channel keeps it going! If the Emmy's Ever came out with an award for Best Host for TV Show Documentary Josh Should win this award! (If there already is such award then why hasn't josh won it?)moreless