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    Forum Rules

    Please read and follow's forum rules before posting in this forum.

    If you see a member breaking the rules you must report them, to do that just report their post.

    Please don't post pictures of Josh that have a copyright on them (I.E.: Pictures of Josh from WireImage are not allowed) and don't post any large pictures of Josh, respect other members who may have Dial-up Connections by posting a link to those images, they must be of your own pictures do not copy the link of a picture from another site! Doing that Is Called Hotlinking and it's Bad Because your Taking Up The Site Owners Bandwidth which is Not Cheap! Also please credit the source of your pictures.

    If there's something you want to disscuss about please check other threads to see if there's no Disscussion of the same topic first before posting.

    But Most of all Have Fun! 

    Edited on 03/30/2007 9:25pm
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