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  • Really bad actor.

    Wish he would just stay away from Hollywood.
  • I'm THE biggest fan of Josh Duhamel

    Josh is just perfect !!

    I'm french and My biggest dream is to meet Josh Duhamel

    There is not biggest fan of josh duhamel that me !

    Josh is beautiful, perfect, extraordinary and for me it is the best actor of all actors !!


  • ugh sooooo hottt

    omg!!!! he is sooo hott i like luv this man he is absolutely gorgeous just like the classification says well on i created a fan site for him i have every ingle season of all my children just so i could see him but after i found out that he proposed to fergie i was kind of upset and i wanted to get over him but i just could NOT!!! if you know what i mean haha wink wink my bed room is filled with his posters and i mean every single one of them that you can find!!!!! i got most of them off the internet and the other half i got from magazines
  • A good actor

    I think that Josh Duhamel is a wonderful actor and i really enjoy watching him in Las Vegas. I wish he was in more projects so i could see what his acting capibilities are and it would be nice to see him in something else. It is not a big suprise to learn that Josh Duhamel was a model because he is drop dead gorgeous. I started to watch the show Las Vegas and now i am hooked on it because of Josh Duhamel. Hopefully Josh Duhamel is in more projects and tht Las Vegas is on the air for a few more years.
  • He is an amazing actor; he makes us feel his emotions and sentiments. The romantic scenes suit him very well, especially with his appearance.

    I was really unhappy when he stopped playing in All My Children "being considered dead" I always hoped that in one of the episodes he'll show up again and that his death was just a camouflage. He and Greenly really suited each other as lovers. In addition, I think that he should've got more starring roles. He has a great actor, he has the looks, he has a charisma and anyone watching him easily gets attracted to the show. Honestly, after he stopped appearing in All My Children I stopped watching it frequently, i.e. i just watch it from time to time by chance.
  • Josh Duhamel is so gorgeous! I would watch anything he is in!

    Josh Duhamel is totally gorgeous! I would really watch anything that he is starring in. Cannot get enough of him. I would hope for his sake that he is not stereotyped as a "gorgeous guy" and that he gets the opportunity to find meaningful roles. I love him on Las Vegas and I hope they keep the show going not just because its a great show (a nice refresher from all of the reality TV crap) but also so I can get my weekly dose of Josh! I wish I could "Win a date with Josh Duhamel". Good luck to him and I hope that he has continued success in his career.
  • Josh Duhamel is a gorgeous & sexy man hunk

    I really love watching Las Vegas and John Duhamel. He is a very talented actor on the movie screen as well. After reading his biography it seems that he would be the total package. (Sexy, Smart, Talented, Etc) I think that he & Fergie make a very good couple. Both I believe will go far in their careers. I think Fergie should put Josh in one of her music videos and I am sure they will be watched by even more people. On screen he and Delinda (Molly Sims) make a great couple. I hope to see more of Josh in the future movies!
  • Josh Duhamel is a rising star and he should have been a bigger star!!!

    Josh Duhamel is very talented, everybody knows him as Danny McCoy in the serie Las Vegas, but also of All My Children were he played Leo and won a Emmy award for his performance.
    Josh is a great actor and in Las Vegas i think he is one of the best, sometimes even better than James Caan. Also i think the chemistry between Josh and James Caan, Josh and James Lesure and between Josh and Nikki is great especially between Josh and Nikki, they're are the perfect couple in Las Vegas except they don't realise that and in some very emotional scenes they are great and it feels like everything is real!!! He is great and i hope he will make some great movies and will star in Las Vegas forever!!!!
  • Handsome and talented!

    I love Josh a lot and think he is drop
    Dead gorgeous. But also has the talent and the looks
    In order to carry a show. As James Caan plays his
    Mentor and boss. I hope and pray that if and when
    The show ends, hopefully not for a long time, that he
    Will move onto better things!
  • hot

    what can u say about josh!
    he has everything a girl would want he is hot hot hot!
    i know he is seeing fergie from the blackeyed peas but us girls can dream sometimes that we can get a man like him!!
    josh plays danny in las vegas and he is in love with his childhood friend mary...dont u think they should get together
  • ..

    I really love him! He is a great actor and he is really gorgeous! Yesterday I saw the episode that all the energy in Las Vegas went out and he was in an elevator with Mary, I loved that episode, he played it so great! I hope I can meet him someday..
  • josh is so sizzling that that you can't even watch him without melting in front of the tv screen. no way is it impossilbe. once you see him you start saying to yourself that you wish you were his girl friend. when you see him making out with girls yousayi

    i would watch him everyday if i could. i could just stare at his beautiful body for hours. just admiring it and what he looks like under them. i don't any one who woulfn't tink of that for at least a few seconds or more because it wouldn't harm anything.
  • Josh is the best

    Josh is one of the best and good lookin actors ive seen He plays every role as if it was himself Its dissapionted thats he is only in a few movies..... Ive seen everything that josh has been in Las vegas is the best show ive seen... Well thats all i have at the moment SO take care
    Love lizzy
  • I am a Big Fan!! Josh is Everything that is GREAT!!...WHAT A STUD!!

    I think Josh Duhamel is so fantastic, I am the biggest fan of Josh Duhamel's!!! Josh makes the show Las Vegas work, he is without a doubt the highlight of the television show Las Vegas, I really like Josh, he is such a stud, and I would love to be Josh Duhamel even just for a day!! That seems to me like the ultimate to be Josh Duhamel!! He is so cool and so studly and all the women go crazy thinking about him!! I really want to join his fan club, I have always thought Josh Duhamel is the ultimate stud!! I really think Josh Duhamel is so marvelous!!! I am such a big fan, it is unbelieveable!!!
  • Josh made me a fan by playing the character of Danny McCoy.

    Josh's portrayal of Danny McCoy shows his depth as an actor. He has had so many notable performances on Las Vegas especially the season finale of the 1st season and the season premiere from the second season. He took a normal character and took him to a dark and dramatic place that made the character of Danny McCoy.
  • wow

    Josh Duhamel is one of the hottest guys of all time, that smile, that face, oh man, do not even get me started. he is a great actor that everyone should look for in the future. las vegas is an awesome show that is unique and wonderful all together! wow
  • josh duhamel is so gorgeous, I really loved him The first time I saw him in All My Children. Now I watch him in las vegas,I don\'t miss an episode,Josh is so talented and handsome. I hope to see him one day that would be so great!!!!! love that man.

    I Hope to see Josh duhamel more,he is a great actor!!!!! Josh has all the qualitys in an actor, he is very talented,handsome,hard working, inspiring,& so easy to watch. I really want to see him in person, it would be so wonderful, and very exciting. I never missed him in all my children, he made the show very interestng and so fun with a lot of suspence. Now I never miss Las vegas I watch it every Mondays. Josh Duhamel is my favorite actor, I watched Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, it was a great movie!!! Keep up the great work:)
  • I LOVE JOSH!!!!!! i saw him first on all my children.

    i absolutely love josh. i first saw him on nall my children. he played leo du pres and i fell in love with his character. and i always thought he was hot. then he got killed off the show. that pissed me off. but now he is on that new show las vegas.... i dont really watch it but i saw it a few times n he is good in it. he is a great actor but he isnt the same when he isnt leo.

    Wow, i'm the 1st one to write a review on Josh. that's pretty cool. Well, Josh's really hott and he's from my home state, the great old, NORTH DAKOTA! (I live there this very minute). He's a super sexy guy on one of my favorite TV shows. NBC's Las Vegas. JOSH, YOUR THE GREATEST!