Josh Duhon

Josh Duhon


8/27/1984, McKinney, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Joshua Wilson Duhon


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Josh began his acting career by doing commercials, and prior to that had done some modeling for the California-based L.A. Models. He is 6' with brown hair and green eyes.


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    • Josh: (on acting on General Hospital) The thing with this show is even if you've never watched a soap, you know about GH. My whole family's watching it now, so that's kind of cool. My aunt owns a barbershop and the clients love to check me out on GH there, all the guy clients love me, all the female clients hate me.

    • Josh: (on his character on General Hospital) Logan's a great role, because he's a great human being. People ask me, 'Is he a bad or good guy?' He's just a human being and he has a tendency to go both ways, but he's just so close to being a real guy's guy. It's easy to see him as a solider coming back from Iraq and not having a father growing up, which explains why he goes down the wrong path every so often.

    • Josh: I never saw myself in the daytime realm, and in fact I was opposed to it. But I have to admit now that I'm in the seventh month of my role, I'm loving it.

    • Josh: If you go there in the mind, then you will go there in the body.

    • Josh: I'm from Texas and grew up on a ranch, where it's hot. The trick when you're outside in a place like that is to wear a hat and long sleeves, so when you sweat, they insulate you. You'll stay a lot cooler that way. Most people try to wear as few clothes as possible, but that actually doesn't work to your benefit.

    • Josh: My father's one of those guys who walks in a room and everybody straightens up and looks around. It's about presence and the way you carry yourself. It's something you can't necessarily verbalize, but it's definitely a good quality to have.

    • Josh: I detest spending money on clothes. I am the wrong guy to ask about any of that stuff.