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  • Destination Truth

    I have watched Destination Truth since it first aired on SciFi (syfy) channel.

    It was the best programming of all. Josh Gates is like a breath of fresh air! He was professional, knowledgable, humorous, serious, and passionate about what he was doing. Syfy lacks so much in their programming any more... they've gone off the ledge with keeping ridiculous, stupid shows like Lost Girl and others and not keeping the shows that drew more viewers.

    I watch Ghost Hunters.. but it lacks something with Grant gone. I miss Ghost Hunters International especially.. I prefer it over it's sister program. Barry, Chris & Joe Chin and the rest of the cast gave more professionalism many times over those in their sister program. I am about done with syfy channel as it is.. with not bringing back show like Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters International.. I'm ready to catch up on what I want to watch on my OnDemand or watch for reruns of my favorite shows. Total, Blackout, Haunted Collectors, and the other reality type shows make me disgusted... as well as does Lost Girl, Alphas, and syfy is no longer the number 1 channel in our home!