Josh Gracin

Josh Gracin


10/18/1980, Westland, Michigan

Birth Name

Joshua Mario Gracin



Also Known As

Josh Gracin
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Josh was born in Westland, Michigan, a hour away from Detroit. He lived there for 20 years where he went to John Glenn High School. He met Ann Marie, his wife, there. He joined the Marines in 2000. Shortly after they broke up. While he was stationed at…more


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    • Josh Gracin: When I'm up on stage it's like a whole new world for me. I love performing. I'm a firm believer that it's really great for a singer to have a good voice, but to bring it to another level you have to draw the audience in and make them part of the music, make them feel what you're feeling.

    • Josh Gracin (referring to Simon Cowell of American Idol): I knew he was just trying to razz me a little bit and get under my skin and it just made me look for ways to turn something negative into something positive.

    • Josh Gracin: The record deal came about when Marty had me come out to Nashville to sing for several labels, I felt the trip had gone well and I was getting ready to go back to California when Lyric Street's Doug Howard (Sr. VP, A&R) called--it was literally hours before I was supposed to go to the airport and take off to go back-but Doug gave me the chance to audition for them. I got a call about a week later saying they were interested in signing me. I flew back to Nashville to meet with Lyric Street President Randy Goodman and Doug. It was just me singing and with a guitar player. It was a lot smaller crowd than I was used to singing for on the show and after I sang one song, they had me stop and pulled more people into the room. Afterwards, Randy said, "Let's do a deal."