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    • Josh Gracin: When I'm up on stage it's like a whole new world for me. I love performing. I'm a firm believer that it's really great for a singer to have a good voice, but to bring it to another level you have to draw the audience in and make them part of the music, make them feel what you're feeling.

    • Josh Gracin (referring to Simon Cowell of American Idol): I knew he was just trying to razz me a little bit and get under my skin and it just made me look for ways to turn something negative into something positive.

    • Josh Gracin: The record deal came about when Marty had me come out to Nashville to sing for several labels, I felt the trip had gone well and I was getting ready to go back to California when Lyric Street's Doug Howard (Sr. VP, A&R) called--it was literally hours before I was supposed to go to the airport and take off to go back-but Doug gave me the chance to audition for them. I got a call about a week later saying they were interested in signing me. I flew back to Nashville to meet with Lyric Street President Randy Goodman and Doug. It was just me singing and with a guitar player. It was a lot smaller crowd than I was used to singing for on the show and after I sang one song, they had me stop and pulled more people into the room. Afterwards, Randy said, "Let's do a deal."