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    My most favourite song of Josh Groban would have to be You Are Loved (Don't Give Up). I actually callit my theme song, because it's the exact message I try to get to people around me. Everyone is loved, even if they don't realise it. A lot of people in this world are incredibly lonely, and they don't deserve it. You can probably see my quote in my signature. Well, it's true. Like Josh says in his song, you are loved. Don't give up. I agree with him. Everyone in this world is loved by at least one person. No one, not even sinners, should be lonely.

    I really look up to Josh for his amazing songs and the messages in them. He does some absolutely beautiful songs, and I think, with his lyrics, he sets a good example for every living, breathing human on the planet. He has such an angelic voice, and it goes great with the beautiful music and those powerful lyrics. For someone so young, he has such an amazing voice and a great way with words.

    I think his art is all about reaching out to people, being a role model, and setting a good example for others. I think he's definitely right in You Are Loved (Don't Give Up). We're all loved. You can tell from his messages that he cares about the people around him just like I do. He is absolutely amazing. He's very rare. Not very many people can do what he does with music and lyrics. He speaks to us through his songs, and he's right. We are all loved. I think he should really get more credit than he's getting right now. He's not getting nearly enough credit. He deserves a heck of a lot more.

    I do now and always will look up to Josh for the powerful messages in his beautiful music. I, too, love to write to reach people. I write songs and poetry to reach out to people, just like he does.

    We should all remember the song. When we're feeling lonely and depressed, we'll think of that song, and we'll remember that we're more special than we think we are. Let's all carry that song of his in our hearts and remember it in the toughest of times.

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