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  • Josh Groban is one of the best singers I had ever heard, his songs are the most beautiful and romantic.

    Josh Groban is one of the best singers or the best that I had ever heard, his songs are the most beautiful and romantic. If you want you heard a good song I recommend you Awake and February song, also from Troy the movie - Remember and from Polar Express - Believe, The Prayer with Celine Dion and Also one of my favorites - Don't Give up ( You're Love).

    Once you heard a song of him, you will fall in love with his voice. If you want to know more about him, videos and his music you can visit the official page: or
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    This man is an angel. With his voice and as a person. :D
  • The voice of an angel!

    I have only heard a few of Josh Groban's songs, and he took my breath away with his singing and the messages in his songs. The two songs that really astounded me where "You Raise Me Up" and "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)." "You Are Loved" brought tears to my eyes, and the words along with that powerful voice were absolutely breath-taking.

    It's so sad how some people do not appreciate his music. I don't think they really are willing to understand what he's trying to tell us in his music. "You Are Loved" is not just a beautiful, romantic love song, but to me, it's a song for everybody. I've dedicated that song to some of my closest friends. I think, in that song, he's saying that everybody wants to be loved, and everyone is loved. Even if you don't think you're loved, you truly are.

    What an angel, and he sings like one too.
  • What a stunning voice! This guy can sing!

    Wow, can Josh ever sing! He's got a fantastic voice. I really loved his character on Ally McBeal. It was a great plot line. You totally felt for his character. He's very talented at both acting and singing. Can't wait for him to release more music. I hope I get to see him perform live one day!