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    They could not have found a better actor to play John Ross. I love watching you be bad, just like JR. It's what makes the show DALLAS. Wish you great sucess in all you do. Can't wait to see you in season 3! Love it that you are orginally from Dallas, TX!
  • Josh is an old great friend of mine from the Popstar days. Now he is doing what I really do in the real world. I pray everyday for roconciliation and know that I am still the same Will that you met. God Bless, Will

    Josh is an awesome individual, fun and talented. A former great friend of mine. Now he is on a show that describes my true life. Josh, now you know what I am going through here in the real war. I will be back home in January, and hope that we can hang out again. I pray to our Lord in heaven everyday for reconcilition, for us to become great friends again. Well, what should I say about Josh. I drove him to his first Warner Bros audition. See ya in January!!

    Love ya man.

    An old friend,

    Will D. Rivera