Josh Homme

Josh Homme


5/17/1973, Palm Desert, California

Birth Name

Joshua Michael Homme



Also Known As

The Ginger Elvis, Carlo Von Sexron, Baby Duck, J.Ho, The Vulture of Culture
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Josh Homme was born Joshua Michael Homme on May 17, 1973, in Palm Springs, California. He was a founding member of the desert rock band, Kyuss, which split in 1997, and is the only founding member still in stoner rock/alternative band Queens of the Stone Age. He is…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Josh is well known for his attitude towards hecklers in the audience, as he often challenges them to a fight or threatens them.

    • Josh teamed up with longtime collaborator Chris Goss to produce the last Queens of the Stone Age album, Era Vulgaris.

    • He is 6'5 tall.

    • He can be heard on the album "Impeach My Bush" by Peaches, in the song "Give 'Er".

    • He has done vocals on "Blood Mountain", by Mastodon, in the song "The Colony of Birchmen".

    • Josh is featured on the album "Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen", in the song "Stone Cold Crazy".

    • The tattoos on his hands are his grandparents' initials.

    • He plays drums with Eagles of Death Metal and on The Desert Sessions and some QOTSA tracks.

    • Josh: I wanted to create a heavy sound based on a solid jam, and just pound it into your head.

    • Josh: Kings would be too macho. The Kings of the Stone Age wear armor and have axes and wrestle. The Queens of the Stone Age hang out with the Kings of the Stone Age's girlfriends, when they wrestle. And also, it was also just a name given to us by Chris Goss. He gave us the name Queens of the Stone Age. Rock should be heavy enough for the boys and sweet enough for the girls. That way, everyone is happy and it's more of a party. Kings of the Stone Age, is too lopsided.

    • Josh: It really is more of a musical experiment.... It keeps moving and reinventing itself. That way we never get painted into a corner.

    • Josh: I'd like to keep it loose, open and free, I just think that if we can expand and contract, then there's nothing we can't do, and even the old songs will never be something like, 'Oh, let's not play that any more.'

    • Josh: Basically, if there was a negative rumor that someone brought up to me I would just encourage it... like when someone was saying: 'Well, Mark got fired, Lanegan, you know.' And I was like: 'Yeah, Mark is fired, too, yeah.' But he was just touring his own solo record, you know.

    • (on why Nick was fired) Josh: A couple years ago, I spoke to Nick about a rumor I heard. I said, 'If I ever find out that this is true, I can't know you, man.'

    • Josh claimed in a radio interview in 2005 that Nick was fired because Josh was convinced that he had been physically abusive to his girlfriend.

    • Josh has a daughter, Camille, with his wife Brody Dalle, the frontwoman of The Distillers.

    • Josh formed the Queens of the Stone Age in 1997.

    • Josh joined Eleven multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes, A Perfect Circle guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and Castillo to record a new album for 2005, which they called "Lullabies to Paralyze."

    • Josh says that the worst gig The Queens of the Stone Age ever played was in 2002 at the Rock am Ring festival in Germany. He claims it was "the worst show we've ever played and it was in front of 40,000 people." The band then decided to tattoo themselves with "Freitag 4.15" - the time they started to play.

    • Josh changed the name of his band to Queens of the Stone Age in 1997, when German power metal band Gamma Ray threatened to sue.

    • Josh describes his band's music as "robot rock."

    • Josh is the only original member still in Queens of the Stone Age.

    • Josh played both guitar and bass guitar on the Queens of the Stone Age self-titled debut album.

  • Quotes

    • Josh: Thank you and I hope you all get laid tonight.

    • Josh: Kids, always wear a condom.

    • Josh Homme: We wanted to get away from Kyuss and not be Kyuss II. We'll let someone else do that.

    • Josh: (on having Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas sing on 2007 QotSA album Era Vulgaris) Musicians are like little children, they want to play together. I got to know Julian when last year when the Eagles of Death Metal were opening for the Strokes, and I've always been a huge Strokes fan. Their first record and the first Queens record have a lot in common: they're driving music, they're angular, and both were recorded dry. Also, both his fans and our friends might be dismayed, confused or even angered by us teaming up that that's enough reason to do it in the first place.

    • Josh: Gypsy music is scary, it frightens the townspeople, but it also makes them want to make love under the stars. At the same time, it's difficult to interpret, wrapped up in a mysterious vibe. That's the piece of candy I think of as the music we were trying to make.

    • Josh: (on his daughter soon after she was born)I've never had anything so small in my house before. I had two midgets come for a birthday party once, but they were way bigger than she is now.