Josh Howard

Josh Howard


4/28/1980, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Joshua Jay Howard


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    • Josh: We didn't execute well. (Davis and Richardson) really hurt us in the fourth quarter. We just didn't communicate.

    • Josh: With Damp coming in, he's bring a lot more energy. That's what we needed from him. I think that's going to get him his drive back.

    • Josh: It's a big motivator. We've been a good defensive team and don't want to let that happen again. We're conscious of who can score the ball on the other team. We take that as a personal challenge.

    • Josh: A lot of people still don't think we play great defense. We let that go in one ear and out the other.

    • Josh: We're going to take the win no matter what. It was a good win for us and it kept the streak alive.

    • Josh: We played right into their game.

    • Josh: We had some good looks. Guys were finding each other, we were just playing great Mavericks basketball. We came out and put them away early.

    • Josh: It's big when you hit free throws. That's a free opportunity to get points so you want to take that opportunity and run with it. That's a good job for us to make that high a percent.

    • Josh: It was a great play. It was something coach (Avery Johnson) drew up, we used it in Memphis too. That's two for two for us.

    • Josh: They have great players on their team and they don't quit. We had them up by 10 twice and just couldn't put them away. It's hard like that when you have a great team like that your playing against. We finished it out when we needed to at the end.

    • Josh: I'd say we are at about 80 percent right now. I still think there's a level or two that we can still reach, especially on the defensive end. Our offense has already been clicking and doing a great job. We showed that during the win (13-game winning) streak. Our defense is improved. We just have to continue to grow and learn each other and do what coach asks us to do.

    • Josh: We wanted to keep the ball out of his hands as much as possible. Through this whole winning streak, we've been playing great team defense. The last two times we played the Lakers, we didn't play great defense and let them take advantage of it. We got tired of it.

    • Josh: Through this whole winning streak, we've been playing great team defense. The last two times we played the Lakers, we didn't play great defense and let them take advantage of it. We got tired of it.

    • Josh: It's cool. I still roll like we've been doubted all year long. We just have to prove people wrong.

    • Josh: It wouldn't have been a good feeling because we wouldn't be able to get into the gym tomorrow and get that bad taste out of our mouths.

    • Josh: We're going to be doubted when we come back like we've been doubted the whole year. We just have to know when we come back, we have to keep playing great basketball.

    • Josh: I don't think we're in their heads. But we're real confident right now. We haven't played our best defense yet, but it's coming.

    • Josh: The day before yesterday I couldn't bend over. But now I'm fine.

    • Josh: It was just a little tweak, but I'm feeling better. I'm going to get treatment so I'm 100 percent.

    • Josh: I don't really know what it is. It's just tight. The last game, I got a little tightness in it when I came out of the game, and it got tighter when I sat for a while. It was worse by the time the game ended and when I got home.

    • Josh: He's got a championship under his belt. I want to get one, too. He knows how to do it.

    • Josh: We're starting to click back there.

    • Josh: I don't even pay attention to that any more. We're just going into the playoffs trying to get ourselves better. We want to keep playing great basketball like we've been doing and hopefully end up playing in June.

    • Josh: We need to improve. We need to get better.

    • Josh: It's a great compliment. All I do is come here and work hard and try to do whatever I can to help us win. Hopefully, that makes his job easier.

    • Josh: We were just fed up.

    • Josh: It's a pretty bad one. We have to turn this thing around if we want to have a good showing in the playoffs.

    • Josh: I'm not pushing him to return. And he's not pushing me.

    • Josh: I'm coming along. It's still a day-to-day process.

    • Josh: My community needs me a lot more than the country right now. I'm going home to do that for the kids.

    • Josh: It's a conference game, it's two of the best teams going against each other. Who would want to miss that?.

    • Josh: I think we're a great team. Whatever people are saying, thanks for the compliment.

    • Josh: It's not as bad as the last one.

    • Josh: As long as we've got a team of guys that like being around each other, on and off the court, it's a good thing for us. I mean, we can take this thing to another level.

    • Josh: This was a tough game. These are the hardest games when you come off a break. We're getting back into the swing of things. Guys went out and had a good vacation, but it's always good to get a win no matter how we get it.

    • Josh: It's always good to win, no matter how you get it. It's tough to get back into the mindset after almost a week off.

    • Josh: It was just me being a little more aggressive. I was in a little foul trouble in the first half and really didn't get to play like I really wanted to so I came out there in the second half just trying to do what I wanted to do in the first half.

    • Josh: We're just trying to hold teams under a certain percentage. It's a challenge for us and we take it out there every game. We study film, we have goals we set before every game and we try to reach those goals. We do reach those goals. As a team, we go out there and play hard every night on the defensive end.