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  • Josh Hutcherson

    I think Josh Hutcherson is an amazing actor. He has a great personality and they is no reason to hate him and he is also really HOT!
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    i think josh hutcherson is one of the most talented child actors today. and hese gonn be one of the greatest actors there is
  • Awesome actor!

    I think Josh is one of the best child actors of today! From Little Manhattan to Bridge to Terabithia and everything else in between and before, he has one of the best attitudes and doesnt have his head above the clouds! He is a awesome actor and I really enjoy watching his preeformances! He should be more recognized than he is! He does emotional scenes very well (as seen in Bridge to Terabithia), as well as the comedy scenes (like in RV)! I think he is a great actor and will only continue to go up from here! There is a endless amount of possibilities for him!
  • Josh is a wonderful actor

    Josh is one of my favorite actors besides cole and dylan sprouse they are my top favorites but he has a lot of tallent and is so much fun to watch he entertains any one who watches him he is made for that job. one of my favorite movies with him is the movie little manhattan oh also fire house dog that was great i think that it would be fun to see josh in his own show soon that would be fantastic many people would watch it. i hope he does many movie that come out soon i need something to watch this summer.
  • This is an up-and-coming young actor, with talent and true potential to rise to the top

    With a swarm of female pre-teen and teenaged female actresses (e.g. Dakota Fanning, AnnaSophia Robb, Abigail Breslin) making their mark and ensuring that their generation is remembered for its talent, it is refreshing to see a young male actor bursting through the spotlight. Ever since I saw Josh Hutcherson's incredible performance in the recent Bridge to Terabithia, I have been interested in seeing more of his work. He was an adorable little boy in movies like Little Manhattan and Kicking and Screaming, and he has since developed into a genuine actor with great potential for the future.

    If you have seen Bridge to Terabithia, then that is probably all you need to be convinced that this kid knows how to act. It's a true accomplishment when someone can play a role so well that you cannot imagine any other actor in the role, and that is how I feel about his part in Terabithia. Hutcherson has a gift for providing depth and emotion in his films, and you find yourself feeling for him in every character he portrays.

    Although he is only 14 years old now, Josh Hutcherson is the type of young actor that you can look at now and just know that he is going to be great in the future. He has the ability to be strong and authentic in his movies, and I look forward to seeing what he does in the years ahead.
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    Josh Hutcherson is really talented , and he will be a great actor some day , I like BTT so much .
  • i think that josh should have his own tv show instead of doing all of the movies i would rather like to see his every day than only once.

    i think that Josh Hutcheroson is the most talented actor is the history of actors. josh is so hot! i want to marry him and live happily ever after! he should be in a whole lot more movies but id be happier if he had his own tv show. josh hutcherson tops all of the other male tv actors in my book! and hes the cutest! if he ever got out of acting i would be really sad! i dont like his girl friend because i want to be his girl friend. i think if we were to ever meet i think he would like me.
  • Definitely the next big thing!

    Even though not many know of him now, Josh Hutcherson is definitely gonna be big. He's really, really, adorable. And I never call people adorable, so you know he is. x3 If you don't believe me, go to http://www.joshhutcherson(dot)com for the cutest pictures ever. Enough about that. Josh is also really talented. He's just amazing in RV! He plays Carl so well. He completely had the character down. He has such bluntness in his voice, it was just perfect. So, trust me, you will see his name in the future. He's soon to be in Journey 3-D, so look out for him!
  • Josh has been in so many movies and on tv shows the more I see him acting the more I like him.

    Josh Hutcherson is so hot. I think he's the hottest actor I've ever seen. I've written a few letters to him and hes written back. I can't wait to see Little Manhattan, Zathura, and RV. I really want to get Kicking and Screaming. The only reason I want to is because that's how much I like him. If anyone else him that much you know what I mean.