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Josh Koscheck

Josh Koscheck


11/30/1977, Waynesburg, PA

Birth Name

Josh Koscheck


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Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Nick Name: "Kos"
MMA Record: 10-2-0
Home Town: Buffalo, NY


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  • for an old friens. i'm missing you and keeping up with your progress all the time. i hope to hear from you. your friend, TERILYNN GUNSHER (YOUR HAIRDRESSER FROM THE PAST)moreless

    JOSH, i've moved to rochester and have been out of touch. but watch you all the time.

    e-mail me and i'll give you all my info

    ps. i'm the first to make you blonde.

    rochester is new and different, paul is working for wegmans at the baking plant. and lots has happened i lost my mom at(53 yrs old), pauls dad at(92 yrs old) all in the last year and a half.

    keep up the good work your the greatest and i still have your poster on my wall in my new basement for all my new customers to look at.

    keep in touch


  • Look Josh acts and looks gay, do we need this type, in this great sport. He can\'t fight he just lays on top of men and holds on, he can do that at home we don\'t want to have to watch this. Love the sport, he makes me sick!moreless

    Nothing personal if you want to be gay thats your business. Go home and stay their, I don\'t want my fight night ruined by having to watch this thing for 15 min. If the network could only show him getting kneed in the head and choked out great, but can\'t watch more than 30 seconds of this wimp-et. ex PKA survivor