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    • Josh playes everything himself on Veronica Mars.

    • Josh (talking about how the music has changed or not changed since the pilot): As far as what the music's trying to do, it hasn't really changed much. In fact, the finale of season one was a bit of a diversion, because it was more action-driven and a little more macabre, with Logan's dad, that type of stuff, so the music was a little more abrasive and it was a slightly bigger sound for the last show. But for the most part, the textural and the atmospheric part of the music has stayed the same. What I try to do different is I try to keep it fresh, I try to bring in different sounds here and there, even though I'm doing the same thing with them. Not to where the sound of the show is changing, because Rob really loves the sound of the show, but I try to maybe every show use one or two different instruments or one or two different textures mixed in with what I've already been doing, just to keep it fresh. Keeping it fresh, but without changing the sound of the show.

    • Josh said that he usually has five days to write all the scored music for an epesode of Veronica Mars.

    • Josh was interviewed on Nepture Pirate Radio (the only Veronica mars podcast). The interview will be split up- part in epesode 12 and part in epesode 13.

  • Quotes

    • Josh (talking about instruments used on Veronica Mars): There's a lot of Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer piano, vibraphone... I use some traditional sounds, but I process them a lot. Like I'll use an acoustic piano, but I'll use a lot of compression and delay and filters on it, so it doesn't necessarily sound like a traditional piano. And there's electric guitars. I process them a lot, filter them a lot. I use live bass. Actually, I don't program any percussion. I like to use all live percussion. Some drum programs, programmed drum machines.

    • Josh (Talking about how he ended up working on Veronica Mars): I did my own record [Forward] a couple years ago, and Rob heard the record through a mutual friend. He liked what I was doing. He thought the sound could work for the show. We created an original sound for the show, but he really dug the CD.