Josh Lucas





6/20/1971 , Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Birth Name

Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer




Josh Lucas was born to parents Don and Michelle Maurer. At time of birth, his parents were living on an Indian reservation. Josh grew up traveling the South with his parents, who were anti-nuclear activists, and younger siblings. By the age of 13, Josh had lived in 30 different locations. Josh gained exposure after his roles in "Sweet Home Alabama" and "A Beautiful Mind". In 2005, he costarred with Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel in the film "Stealth", which was considered a major financial disappointment. In early 2006, Josh played famous basketball coach Don Haskins in "Glory Road". During filming of his most recent film, "Poseidon", Josh snapped muscles in his left thumb during an accidental fall. He lost feeling in his thumb and had to work with a rehabilitative physician. "Poseidon"'s filming involved several dangerous shoots underwater and around fire. "Poseidon" was released on May 12, 2006. Josh took a brief break from acting since "Poseidon" was released. His next film, which started filming fall of 2006, will be a thriller based on the book "Who Killed Daniel Pearl?"