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    • Josh: I just feel like I really want to be someone who literally disappears in the role. I want to be so strong as an actor that people wouldn't say [for example] 'Oh, that's Ben Affleck.' To me, that's just boring. It doesn't interest me. My goal is to always have the ability at hand where I can be really good, as opposed to, eh, that's Josh Lucas.

    • Josh: (on a scene in "Poseidon") There's one particular shot in this movie, where I dive into a pool of fire, and swim for a long section under a ceiling of fire, to get to a point where there's a little air pocket where I can breathe. Wolfgang said, "Do you think you would be willing to try that shot? We'll obviously make it as safe as we possibly can." But I got to the point where I was going home and training. I was going home and getting in my pool and swimming up and down laps, trying to hold my breath as long as I possibly could. Finally, they brought me to this place, and literally it was a huge pool that they lit on fire, and I got into it and swam three feet underneath the water, and it was just raging hot. I had to swim for a long period of time to find my oxygen. The stunt safety people told me that if I started to swim upwards, they would knock me down and stick a regulator in my mouth, so that I would breathe as opposed to going into the fire. It was truly one of the most insane things I have ever done.

    • Josh: (on what he first thought when he read the script for "Poseidon") I don't know that anyone ever really knows what they're in for when they make a water movie. Wolfgang Peterson knows because he's done it. That first conversation I had with him, he tries to prepare you for it, but you don't realize that you're going to get to a point where you're going to be waterlogged to the extent that your skin is so soft you can cut it with your fingernail. These weird realities start to happen where I had 30 shirts that would rot off, literally, melt off of my body because of the chlorine. You start dreaming about being underwater. And there's the intensity of an entire crew being inside of what is basically a human Petri dish. It's very hard to prepare yourself for, and it's only afterwards that you really know what it really is.

    • Josh: This fear of death infused me with the desire to live, and to live harder.

    • Josh: I want to be so strong as an actor that people wouldn't say... eh, that's Josh Lucas.

    • Josh: (about moving so many times as a child) I would lie in bed the night before a new school and decide who I was going to be. It would usually be based on someone I admired from the school before.

    • Josh: I'm single and sick of it. I've been working hard and haven't had time to settle down. I'm 35 and want kids.