Josh Peck

Josh Peck


11/10/1986, New York, NY, USA

Birth Name

Joshua Michael Peck



Also Known As

Joshua Peck, Deja Jew, Commodore
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Joshua Michael Peck was born November 10, 1986 in New York and is best known for his role as Josh Nichols in the popular series Nickelodeon , Drake and Josh.

Josh's acting career started when he was four (4) years old but it was not until Josh starred in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Josh attended his good friend and old co-star Miranda Cosgrove's Sweet 16 Party.

    • Said to be in the remake of Red Dawn, playing 'Matt Eckert'.

      Does voice work in Aliens in the Attic, does the voice for 'Sparks'.

    • Was a presenter at the Nickelodeon 2009 Kids Choice Awards. present at "The Give Back from The Heart" concert at Malibu Performing Arts Center on May 30 2009.

    • Josh is expected to direct an episode of iCarly for season Two (2).

    • Josh's favorite line from the movie Snow Day was "Please, I don't want to die with my pants down!"

    • Producer (and Co-Producer)
      Drake & Josh: Best Christmas Ever (co-producer)

    • Director
      Drake & Josh "Battle of Panthatar"

    • Favorites:
      Actor: Ben Kingsley
      Food: Pizza
      Color: Blue
      Shoes: NIKE and Bathing Ape sneakers
      Book: The Alchemist
      Hobby: Chess and playing the piano
      Music: Hip Hop, Rock, Old Pop
      Place to Hang: His room
      Car: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider
      Sport: HOCKEY
      Nick Cartoon: Rocket Power and Hey Arnold!
      Nick Show (not cartoon): Salute Your Shorts, My Brother and Me, All That, and The Amanda Show

    • Talents:
      Can play the piano
      Standup Comedy
      Ice Hockey
      Ability to make an anoyying noise with his hands and mouth.

    • Awards
      Special Distinction Award for his roles in the 2005 movie, Mean Creek.
      UK Kids Choice Awards 2008 Favourite (in America Favorite) Male TV star

    • Josh is to be in the upcoming movie Hearts of Men.
      Reported on the 2000 Democratic and Republican national conventions for Nickelodeon; interviewed Bob Dole and Cokie Roberts. On Josh's free time he likes to sleep and play video games.
      Josh is an only child.
      In September 2008, Josh made Moviefone's Hottest 25 stars under the age of 25.
      At the UK Kids Choice Awards 2008 Josh finally lived a dream of his, getting slimed!
      Josh has a mole above his left part of his lip, left side of nose, and above his left eye brow.
      Josh along with Drake Bell introduced KID ROCK at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards on September 07 2008.
      Josh went to Fiorello H. La Guardia Hs from 01-02
      Josh went to PS 40 Elementary School.
      Josh was nominated for the 2008 HIGH TIMES STONY AWARDS, for "STONER OF THE YEAR" for his role as "Luke Shapiro" in the movie The Wackness.
      Josh filmed The Wackness for 2 months. Josh took the role of Luke Shapiro in The Wackness partly because of his fear of being typecast.
      Josh was on the "HORNETS TEAM" for the NBA Celebrity game in NEW ORLEANS Feb. 15 2008.
      Josh has worn an earring in his left ear since he was 12 years old.
      Josh says in high school he was like his character Luke Shapiro (The Wackness) he was the most popular of the unpopular.
      Josh thinks of himself as; a Jewish kid that grew up in New York City just trying to hustle and make it in life.
      Josh doesnt copyright anything.
      Sid Gold got Josh his first Comedian gig.
      Daughters Of Israel Nursing Home in New Jersey, is were Josh's grandma lives.
      Josh dated Kelly Louie, she was his first girlfriend.
      Josh did a Darfur Now appeal.
      Josh was mentioned on Drake Bell's TELEGRAPH Cd's booklet in the "Thanks To" part.
      Josh is a very private person.
      Josh started filming Drake & Josh: Merry Christmas Drake & Josh August 01, 2008.
      Josh once freestyled with his security guard in an elevator.
      Josh was inducted into the Friars Club in 2005, at the age 19. Becoming one of its youngest members in history.
      Josh co-starred in two(2) movies with Olivia Thirlby (The Wackness and Safety Glass. Josh co-starred in two (2) movies with Zena Grey (Snow Day and Max Keeble's Big Move). Josh loves to read.
      Josh is a Knicks fan.
      As of 2009, Josh does not have an Official website.
      Josh provided the voice for "Lenny" in both versions of (Nick and Cartoon Network's)What Ever Happened to Robot Jones?
      Josh's first girlfriend broke up with him before he starred in the movie The Wackness.
      Josh did the beat boxing in Drake Bell's song, Circles.
      Josh starred as "Luke Shapiro" in the webisodes of Luke's Dope Show in 2008, later when The Wackness was released on dvd it this was a special feature.
      Josh considers The Performing Arts School in Manhattan as the Hogwarts School for a bunch of musical-theater nerds.
      Josh's Official Youtube channel is JoshPeckTV
      If Josh could meet any Mythical person it would be "Harry Potter".
      As of 2000, Josh resides in San Francisco, California.
      Back in 2000, Josh was on the game show, Double Dare 2000. It was actually the first time Josh met his co-star of Drake and Josh and best friend, Drake Bell. Of course when they first met they hated each other.
      Josh was president of his sixth grade class, and one of his main concerns was to get all the candy machines working at his school.
      Josh owns and drives a '87 Mercedes.
      Josh has been in the acting business since the year of 1996. Josh says his biggest influences are Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby. Josh spends his spare time making hip hop beats and working in the studio with up and coming artists.
      Josh is Jewish. Josh is 6' 1½".
      Josh's left ear is pierced. Josh has a dog named Monster. When Josh was younger he had a dog named Sushi.
      Josh sang a song with Drake Bell ("Soul Man") on the Drake & Josh soundtrack. This song was performed on the Blues Brothers episode.
      Josh has performed in a musical theater with the New York based children's theater, TADA! Josh's credits include Flies in the Soup, A Crime and a Rhyme, The Music Man, The Cabbage Patch Kids, The Club, and MCC.
      Josh did the voice-over for 'Spyro' in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.
      When season 2 of Drake and Josh started, Josh lost a lot of weight due to karate, yoga, eating a lot of salads and the result of adolescence.
      Josh had a pet fish named "Beefy". Josh has been doing stand up comedy since the age of 8.
      Josh got his start by performing Stand Up Comedy at Caroline's Comedy Club for the Audrey Hepburn foundation.
      Josh's nicknames are Pudge Master Flex, Joshman, Deja Jew, and Snowday.
      Throughout Josh's childhood and teen hood, he suffered from severe asthma. As a result, he often stayed indoors and watched comedy-reruns of popular TV shows and movies.

  • Quotes

    • Josh: on his thoughts of Russell Brand hosting the VMA "I think he's brilliant and his humour's on a different level. I think sometimes it's lost in translation... on some people... unfortunately. If I had hair like that, I'd grow it out, no question. And the tight jeans, that's just good-looking - you want something that hugs your privates."

    • Josh: (On what 1994 was like for him, (in a interview with CRAVEONLINE) ) Power Rangers, Bugle Boy jeans, lights in my shoes, Spice Girl lollipops, Joey Lawrence CDs, flannels, ripped jeans, Hootie and the Blowfish. I was really young during that time but in many ways the great thing about acting is you can reinvestigate parts of your brain that might have otherwise gone dormant. So for me it was trying to think back to what were adults talking about in 1994. I remember everyone was talking about Pulp Fiction. That was sort of the definitive thing. So I really tried to work off of that, and reintroduce a lot of the language that we used in the early '90s, which wasn't really different but instead of like now where we might be like looks good or that's tight, then it was that's mack crazy son. That was what people said so I just had to refamiliarize myself with it.

    • Josh: (on his Personal philosophy) I've always understood how amazing it is to be a kid. When I'm 30, I'm still going to be playing video games and eating pizza.

    • Josh: (on how Nickelodeon has been handling his career move) I gotta be honest. They've been very, very supportive of my choices as an actor. I grew up with Nickelodeon and I'm forever in their debt. The audience has made me the actor and the person that I am today. And they're the reason why I'm able to get in the room and audition whereas under other circumstances perhaps I wouldn't have the privilege. I appreciate it. And I'm granted one of the greatest gifts which is to be able to make kids laugh like on a daily basis and clog up your Tivos. So, they've been really supportive. I was 15 when I did Drake & Josh. This isn't a movie for kids. As I said, when I was 15, the audience was 12, 13, and now I'm 21 and they're 18. So I think this is right in their alley. If they are too young I think it's up to their parents' discretion and they'll see it in a couple of years on DVD, hopefully. Or rip it off the Internet illegally.

    • Josh: (on if he was a fan of the Hip Hop era before filming The Wackness) Yeah, I love hip hop music. I think it's ingrained in you. And it's music of my generation. It's poetry set to a beat. It used to be Sugar Hill Gang and Run DMC. And all of a sudden Biggie came around and '94 was like this introduction of music that was really talking about the everyday struggle and people that were just trying to get out of the ghetto and make some money. And talking about real shit. Now I don't really get into the generic rap music, talking about pimps and hos and bling and what not. But, I feel like if you don't like old school hip hop, you're not a hip hop fan to me.

    • Josh: (on what he talked about for his stand up comedy acts) Crazy families and a neurotic mom. I used to always start my act with 'I was born during the great depression….my mother's'. Write it down. I don't copyright anything.

    • Josh: (on working with Method Man on "The Wackness" in Orlando Sentinel) That first day on the set, when he's got the look, and the [New York] accent, and he's passing a joint to Method Man (who plays a Jamaican pot supplier) was just surreal

    • Josh: (on how he felt about Sir Ben Kingsley in ACEDD Magazine)
      It was an incredible honor. I can't think of a greater learning experience both personally and professionally than working with Ben Kingsley. He was so nurturing and was always an inspiration. Frequently after a long day I would be exhausted and I would look at 'Sir Ben' and he would just be getting warmed up

    • CS: I read that you did stand-up comedy when you were 8-years-old. Did you do that in clubs and everything or just for family and friends?

      Josh: response to interviewers questions No, I did all the big clubs in New York: Standup New York, Caroline's Comedy Club, Catch a Rising Star when it was around, and Gotham. It was sort of my jumping off point and it set a tone in my life of carving out a niche for myself because whether it be acting or school, or whatever I've never really fit in, and I've kind of had to make things work for myself. I've been lucky enough that people have dug it. My mom and I were reading "Backstage Magazine," I was nine years old and there was an advertisement for Sid Gold and Gold Star Entertainment and I went and met with him and he was sort of the quintessential agent, orpheum circuit type gypsy guy and he's like, "Look I need kid comedians, so if you could be funny, I'll put you onstage." I just thought of what I knew as a human, as a kid, my mom, I'd make fun of my mom to people at school.

    • Josh: On his prowess with women, in People magazine
      I was at a party, and I said to a girl, 'Do you have a busy day tomorrow?' and she said, 'Why? Do you want to take me out?' I said I was just making small talk. I'm always getting in my own way.

    • (About being bullied)
      Josh: If I thought a kid was going to make fun of me, I might make fun of myself first.

    • Josh: ( favorite line from the Movie Snow Day) Please, I don't want to die with my pants down!

    • Josh: (on why he felt he needed to lose weight) There's only the funny fat guy parts or the heavy friend. It's an unfortunate stereotype, and I wanted to have the chance to play roles like this, to have more quality. And I wanted to be healthier.

    • Josh: (Thoughts about being a role model) I don't really understand why I should be a role model, but I know that kids do look up to me, so it is my responsibility to motivate people and be inspiring. I hope that I can do that for kids.

    • Josh: Gratuitous fat jokes always hurt, no matter what. Even if you've gotten most of your life, and even if it's in the context of the script, it makes you feel bad about yourself.

    • Josh: It doesn't matter what you look like, it's who you are that matters.

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