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  • Amazing actor

    Josh Radnor is by far one of my favorite actors alongside his costars on how i met your mother. i coud never imagine anyone playing his part any better
  • How I wish I could meet ted!!!

    This is the best show on tv and I wish I had ted in real life! Ted is fuc#$%$ hot and sweet and the best guy ever wish I could meet him!
  • Not good or bad.

    I honestly see this guy as a boring sort of actor. He gets the job done but there's something about his performance which seems lacking. I kind of view him as the "Ross Geller" from friends in this program. Not that I can do better, just giving my opinion.
  • I think he really does a great job playing Ted in How I Met Your Mother.

    Josh Radnor is a great actor. He does an awesome job playing Ted in How I Met Your Mother, I really get the feeling that all of the show is "real". The part suits him great and everything about him, his looks, the performance is perfect for this kind of character. He's a bit shy, not that self-confident but a great architect and when he tries he is good with women too. I think Josh will be great in some other part in a new series if How I Met Your Mother should end, which I really don't hope it will in the next few years. Though I can't really picture him playing anything but a comedy, maybe a sort of romantic drama kind of character, but in an action series like 24, no, no thanks.
  • Great actor to How I met your mother.

    I have to admit, at first I didnt like him.
    Never heard of him before.
    But after watching some episodes of How I met your mother I found out he was the perfect person for this part.
    I love the way he acts in this series, he;s a great addition to this very good show!