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    • Josh (about what he did during the WGA Strike): I moved out of my $800 a month sublet. It was actually traumatic. I was, like, 'I don't want to leave this place.' But I bought a beautiful place. So I moved. I had all this time to move in. And I traveled a bit. I did some writing. I kept pretty busy.

    • Josh (about Britney Spears working on How I Met Your Mother):
      She was on time, she knew her lines. She's going to be really funny. I mean, I have nothing scandalous to offer.

    • Josh (Talks about what he hope to accomplish over the course of his career): I used to think a lot about that and oddly I think about that less and less. I just want to keep doing what I feel called to do," he responds. "I'd like to write a novel one day. I don't want to ever stray too far from the theater. It's where I came from and it's really the thing I feel like I do best. When I moved out to LA, I made a bargain with myself that I would do a play a year so I could hold on to my soul. I've stayed on that schedule so far.

    • Josh (Talks about the structure and concepts of How I Met Your Mother): I think it tries to balance the funny, traditional sitcom moments with more sincere, romantic moments that aren't really seen in sitcoms. The guys who created our show don't seem to be influenced by other sitcoms as much as they are the world of film. The shows really going for something that hasn't been seen. A traditional sitcom will have five or six scenes in a 22 minutes episode - we have like 40 to 60 scenes. Also, we don't shoot in front of a live audience, which is rare. It's a lot more like doing a one hour. But I think it's good we don't do it in front of an audience. I think it keeps us playing to each other and keeps us honest.

    • Josh (Talks about his family and his beginning on acting): There are no actors in my family or even in my town. I just started acting in high school and it immediately felt like something I never wanted to stop doing. I got bit by the bug. It's the classic tale. They were, but in a very measured way at first. They didn't want me to go to an acting conservatory. They wanted me to get a liberal arts degree in college, which I did, but I ended up being a drama major. Right after college I went to NYU to get my M.F.A. in acting. Then I just started working right after that.

    • Josh (Talks about the fact that he doesn't get CBS on his only TV and he doesn't watch any TV): I'm worried I won't read any books, though sometimes, I think I should watch just to give my brain a rest.

    • Josh (Talks about what people don't know about one of his cast mates): That Jason Segel, who plays Marshall, is a great singer-songwriter. That's pretty cool, right? There's an episode where he sang half his dialogue and that was all his stuff. We still sing those songs, because they were actually pretty catchy.

    • Josh (Talks about what people be surprise to know about him): That he doesn't have cable, and the TV he does have in his bedroom doesn't get CBS. (Talking about himself in third person)

    • Josh (Reflects on why his series How I Met Your Mother has succeeded and has been able to hold onto it): I dunno, maybe because they promoted the hell out of it? (Laughs) No, I think it's because it's about young people but it doesn't sound like it was written by 55-year-olds. Thirty-year-old guys created the show, so it feels pretty authentic. And it's not one of those shows that's ironic or cynical we have that element, where its sincerity is tempered by the Barney character, Neil Patrick Harris but for the most part this show wears its heart on its sleeve in a really nice way, not an overly sentimental one. These are characters who really care about something, versus making "joke-joke-joke-joke."

    • Josh (Talking about 'The One'): While I think I am a pretty nice guy, I have never personally used the term 'The One.' Whenever someone uses that term, I cringe a little. My view of romance is a little more complex than that. I have never been the guy who says, 'Hey let's have a big relationship.' I tend to tiptoe into them and then I realize, 'Wait, this is pretty great. This is nothing to be scared of.'

    • Josh (Talks about the themes of How I Met your Mother): It's a great gender reversal, (Radnor says) because the guys are sensitive and ready to commit while the girls are tough, especially Robin. She's ostensibly not looking for a relationship, but she might be turning the corner.

    • Josh (Jokes about How I met your mother): I don't know if they want me to say it's an accountant from New Jersey that I meet in season five, or it's Keira Knightley...