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  • Gossip Girl,The O.C. & Chuck some of the best shows out there.

    I really got addicted to The O.C. the characters and writing where imence.Josh was really focused on making the show good and he listened to what the fans had to say although making some unpopular choices in the past he made the show great.Gossip Girl was Josh's next teen drama set in an even more scandelous place than California New York. The show has been really good and Season 2 should be great! Chuck another of Josh's creations blew my mind the series which normally isn't my type I found amazing.With three great shows I will stick with his work. 10/10
  • you suck josh schwartz you couldnt think of anything else for the o.c you shouldnt of canelled the show

    the o.c should of should of put ryan in a coma and marissa was ok like ryan dreamed that marissa dyed in his arms so he takes college off because he was in a coma for 3 months and hes working at making everything better and marissa goes back to college with him and they get back together but they stick together this time and get married the same day as seth and summer they move out of newport and move to berkley and marissa and summer get pregnant and between make some drama up and make it good like the taylor dies and they all became best friends or marissas dad comes back and gets shoot for not having the money he owed that man or marissa gets kidnapped because of the money or make some real drama up but bring it back
  • a good person for creating the o.c

    he has to be talented to create to the o.c for his first show and everthing on that show has been awsome he has created one of the best shows on tv now and he is one of the best writers and directors out there and i hope he makes other good shows like o.c