Josh Server

Josh Server


4/11/1979, Highland Park, Illinois

Birth Name

Joshua Aaron Server


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Josh was born on April 11th, 1979. His hometown is Chicago, Illinois. He has one younger sister. His hobbies are going to the movies, rollerblading, going to the beach, working out, reading, and being a couch potato. His favorite comedians are Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Dana Carvey, Eddie…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Josh Server is one of the most talented, and coolest actor ive seen.

    At first, I always remembered Josh as a really cool person, because he can do almost everything on All That. He really deserves some parts in more television shows/or at least some movies.Right now, he might still be doing LOL, but I feel bad he isn't as famous as Amanda, Nick, Kenan, and Kel. Josh has a lot more talent, he and hes just as good. I just only wish he will be getting more television spots, but he'll be coming to an end when the time comes, and I'll always remember him as a cool, funny guy and actor.moreless
  • josh server is most noted for his work on all that and he was also in an ep of drake and josh

    i so loved josh server on all that..he was the kinda silly awkward boy he did the whining like kel did and stuff and he added his own drama to it..he does so many different accents and always seems to be the awkward scared person at one part or another..ive been watching clips and i cant tell if he really can play guitar or not but i think he can sing which is so cool..i love his awkwardness especially when things dont go right like when someone from the audience interrupts the skit or amanda's not at ask ashley or whatever..he was also funny on drake and josh but i think what i remember him most for was playing tammy..that neurotic teacher that was so funnymoreless