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  • disagree!

    aly358 - try to catch Josh in some other things - his eyes are just made that way - he kinda always looks half asleep. He is from W.VA, so he really does have that accent. He did soften it some for his Louisiana accent in CM, but having lived in Louisiana for years, I think he did a great job! New Orleans is a very laid back city, hence the laid back acting on his part. Sorry you haven't seen him other stuff. I think he's great, and I LOVED him on CM- was one of my favorites. Just saying.
  • OMG - What a Hottee! - that long, lean, lanky, frame, those smoldering blue eyes, and that soft, southern, slow way of speaking - tryin to keep this clean, but.........

    O.K. - I'm alright. But from the moment he appeared during the B.A.U.'s investigation into a serial killer in New Orleans, I was hooked. If you remember, he played Det. Will LaMontagne, Jr. and his father had begun an investigation into a murder years earlier, that bore a remarkable resemblance to the murders occurring again. I was so jealous that he took an immediate liking to JJ Jareau - although the relationship involved only light flirting; they had to remain professional during the case. I was so glad when he was re-introduced the next season, to conveniently act as JJ's boyfriend just before her pregnancy became obvious. I always wished he was shown more, like Hotch's wife and son were. I realize now he didn't have time, what with his role in the series, Dirt. I never watched that show, so I can't comment on his performance. But the reviewer who said he was "terrible" or words to that effect must be blind, crazy or both. Or maybe it was just a guy - who knows, we're all entitled to our opinions.
  • Zero skills

    To be fair I have only seen Stewart in Criminal Minds (where he plays JJ's love interest) but boy does he suck.
    He plays this wuzz of a detective from New Orleans and he chose a mockery of an accent to underline the fact that he's from the south. But where in his job description does it say that he has to keep his eyes half shut all the time? Not for a second do I believe him, he is neither talented nor does he make up for that by creativity or style or looks. Suffice it to say: Epic Fail!