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  • OMG - What a Hottee! - that long, lean, lanky, frame, those smoldering blue eyes, and that soft, southern, slow way of speaking - tryin to keep this clean, but.........

    O.K. - I'm alright. But from the moment he appeared during the B.A.U.'s investigation into a serial killer in New Orleans, I was hooked. If you remember, he played Det. Will LaMontagne, Jr. and his father had begun an investigation into a murder years earlier, that bore a remarkable resemblance to the murders occurring again. I was so jealous that he took an immediate liking to JJ Jareau - although the relationship involved only light flirting; they had to remain professional during the case. I was so glad when he was re-introduced the next season, to conveniently act as JJ's boyfriend just before her pregnancy became obvious. I always wished he was shown more, like Hotch's wife and son were. I realize now he didn't have time, what with his role in the series, Dirt. I never watched that show, so I can't comment on his performance. But the reviewer who said he was "terrible" or words to that effect must be blind, crazy or both. Or maybe it was just a guy - who knows, we're all entitled to our opinions.