Josh Taylor





9/25/1943 , Princeton, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Thomas Timothy Taylor




Josh graduated from Dartmouth's law program and is/was a member of the Bar Association. He had a full 4-year football scholarship (he was a quarterback) to Dartmouth College undergraduate school and got his Bachelor of Arts, basically went to law school "because I knew I wasn't a corporate guy and law school gave me 3 more years of respectability before having to go to work. I got a full ride offer from the University of Denver law school which was a very progressive school so it was a lot of fun."

Josh was born in Illinois as Tommy Tim Taylor on September 25, 1943.

During his second round on Days, Josh inherited Thyme Lewis' (ex-Jonah Carver) old dressing room, complete with Lewis' unusual sense of decor - mirrored wallpaper, a rattan palm tree, bold, abstract art splattered on the walls and a rag doll hanging from the middle of the ceiling. Jaime Lyn Bauer and Josh appeared on the cover of People magazine in 1980 to promote the cover story about sex on the soaps. Jaime was on Y&R as Lauralee Brooks at that time, and Josh was Chris Kostichek. In early 2000, Josh returned to his role of Jack McKay on 90210 for a few episodes. In March of 1994, Josh said the following to SOD: "Not that I'm saying I wouldn't return to Days. It just probably won't happen." How things change...

A few facts about Josh:

Love status: Engaged to Lisa Tremblay (they've since married)

If you could chat with any person today or in history, whom would you choose: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What do you think is your best quality: What you see is what you get.

What is your worst quality: I'm messy.

All time favorite song: House of the Rising Sun

If you weren't an actor, what might you be doing: I'd be a football coach.

Food you can't live without: Tuna fish

Favorite singer: Garth Brooks

What you like in others: A sense of humor

Celebrity you can imitate: Joe Pesci

The last smart thing you did: Returned to Days of Our Lives

Favorite movie of all time: Godfather II and Schindler's List.

If I could do anything: I'd rid the world of bigotry

Favorite Possession: My house

Dream place to live: Los Angeles

Favorite junk food: Pizza

Favorite actor: Paul Newman

Favorite actress: Jessica Lange

Greatest accomplishment: Having success in the most competitive business in the world