Joshua Cox





8/9/1965 , Rancho San Diego, California

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Born in 1965, and raised in New York City, Josh Coxx currently resides in Los Angeles. He began acting in high school, and according to one source, his interest in pursuing the art on a professional basis was sparked by the career of Al Pacino. He studied at the Actor's Institute before proceeding to the Actor's Conservatory Training Program at Purchase College, at the State University of New York and, upon graduating, secured his first television role as a series regular on ABC's "One Life to Live." While this did provide openings into other roles, the notorious inconsistency of acting jobs left Josh obliged to supplement his income by working as a carpenter.

More recently, Cox(x) guest starred in NBC's "Providence", ABC's drama "Once and Again," and had a co-starring role on NBC's "Friends." He enjoyed a recurring part as Lt David Corwin in the sci-fi series "Babylon 5," and guest-starred on UPN's "Sliders." His most current appearance is as Peter Riggs in the medical drama "Strong Medicine", a role that secured him the status of "2000 Lifetime Man of the Year". Josh has also done a variety of small-screen and off-screen work in television commercials, where his ability to mimic a variety of dialects has served him well.

Cox(x) has also made a number of film appearances, most recently in Ziri Rideaux's "Backgammon," which was presented at both the Cannes and Berlin film festivals in the spring of 2000. His versatility as an actor is proven in his ability to play both dramatic and comedy roles, including the lead in the independent productions "The Zig Zag", "Fire Escape" and "Runaway Eden". In addition, Cox(x) had supporting roles in "The Runestone", and the Wes Craven film "The People Under the Stairs." He auditioned for the role of "Faramir" in the forthcoming Lord of the Rings movie, and despite submitting pictures of himself clad in a kilt to the casting director, unfortunately failed to secure the role.

His stage credits include roles in "American Buffalo", "Prairie Avenue" at the Rip Torn Stage in New York, "North of Providence" for the Black Box Theatre, and the production of "Us And Them" for the Hudson Theatre in Los Angeles. Josh has also played such diverse roles as the part of Laertes in "Hamlet" and most surprisingly, the role of a "girl" in "The Resistable Rise Of Auturo Ui".

Usually described as being somewhat humorous himself, Josh has an appreciation for eccentric and subversive comedy, principally the magnificent Blackadder, and Monty Python's Flying Circus. He also pursues a number of extreme sports, although his foremost passion is for surfing. In 1997 he sustained extensive damage to his shoulder in a snowboarding accident, an injury that required $30 000 worth of reparatory surgery, and temporarily halted his activities as an amateur guitarist. Once fully recovered, he took up the bass, and now plays with the Los Angeles-based band "Skin". When last heard of "Skin" had played at The Gig and the El Ray Theatre and were scheduled to appear in the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles. Lastly, Josh is a PADI-certified rescue diver, and earned an NASDS certification in over-ocean Helicopter Rescue and Diver retrieval.