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    • Joshua: I'm a huge gamer! It's just ridiculous! It's such a huge hobby and passion of mine. So, being a voice in it is just the coolest. I always tell my friends, "I've got a show or a small part in something." They'll say, "Oh that's cool man, congrats." If I tell them I'm in a video game, they go absolutely bonkers because all of my friends are hard core gamers. I'll say, "I'm doing a big show for NBC" and they respond, "That's great, but tell me about the video game!"

    • Joshua: (on how the chemistry between cast members of "Chuck" comes through for the fans) I hope so, because it actually is kind of genuine. It kind of is the fact that I think we all really genuinely care about each other, and I hope that shows up on camera, I think it does.

    • Joshua: (on the difference between him and his character Morgan in "Chuck") Unfortunately, I'd like to say that I'm good around the house, but I'm not. I'm good with tools. I'd like to say that I'm good with power tools, but I'm not. I'm much better with a controller.

    • Joshua: (on how the chemistry between him and Zach Levi came about) We went out to lunch and I was sitting next to Zach, and video games came up, and he was like, "You play games?" And I was like, "Dude, are you a gamer?" And it was just, from then on, it's pretty much been a love affair between the two of us.

    • Joshua: (on the effect of the writers' strike on his schedule) On my days off I just have a love affair with my couch and my 360. I'm like, 'Oh, this is heaven. I have nothing to do for 12 hours but play video games and maybe drink a beer.

    • Joshua: (on the writers' strike) Basically, for us, it's David and Goliath. The actors are there because in about six months, we're going to be in basically the same situation, which is 'What's fair?' We need something for Internet and even DVD.

    • Joshua: (on video games and acting) You can actually convey emotions now and get attached to characters and really tell a story, which is really fun for me, obviously, because that's the thing I love about acting and doing all that stuff.

    • Joshua: (on his castmate in "Chuck") Zachary Levi is without a doubt, just one of the coolest human beings around, man. And I mean that honestly, like he became this friend of mine, he's just genuine. For a guy who was pretty much on the cusp of superstardom or whatever, he couldn't be more genuine.

    • Joshua: (on his reel/real-life crush on Chuck's sister/Sarah Lancaster) Morgan is in love with his sister Ellie. And in real life I'm pretty much in love with Sarah Lancaster, as most young men are, I think, or should be.