Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris


11/27/1978, United States

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Joshua Harris


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Joshua worked on TV and films from 1985 to 1992. His most known as Christopher Ewing from Dallas. He also guest starred on several shows, including Falcon Crest, Twin Peaks, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Joshua was also in a few made for TV movies. His most…more


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  • One of my personal favorite actors. It is just a shame that he didnt stay in the business long.

    Joshua Harris is one of my favorite actors for as long as I can remember. I was totally captivated by his performance in the TV show Dallas. I really enjoyed his performance as Christopher Ewing. His episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hero Worship has always been my favorite of the series. I really enjoyed his episode of The Commish.

    My personal favorite performances are the ones he did for the Made-For TV movies he did. My favorite of all time, and the first one of his performances I saw is Go Toward the Light. His performance as a boy dying of AIDS was truly his best performance in front of the camera. He was also wonderful in his role for the movie, Locked Up: A Mother's Rage(or The OtherSide of Love in other countries).

    I believe that he was truly one of the greatest actors in TV/Movie history. I hope that one day, he comes back to acting.moreless