Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson


6/11/1978, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Joshua Carter Jackson



Also Known As

Josh Jackson
  • The cast of Fringe Season 5.
  • Joshua Jackson on Fringe Season 5.
  • Josh Jackson returns as Peter Bishop on ...
  • Joshua Jackson on Fringe.
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Joshua's mother is Fiona Jackson, a casting director. She took him to his first casting call hoping to discourage him from wanting to become an actor. He has a younger sister named Aisleagh. He also has two half brothers named Corey and Lyman from his dad's second marriage.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • From The Mighty Ducks to Cursed

    I remember being around 6 years old sitting on the couch watching my favorite movie and dreaming about marrying the hockey team captain. This movie was Mighty Ducks and the captain was Joshua Jackson. Joshua may have very well been my first Hollywood crush and it has followed me into the teen years. I started watching Dawson's Creek in re-runs about three years ago and I fell in love with him all over again. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him as goofy Pacey and can totally break my heart as love-struck Pacey. I think he has a lot of talent and can't wait to see him in more movies or TV projects. Joshua brought a certain presence to all his characters that cannot be duplicated. I think he is a fine actor and can't wait to see more!moreless
  • born in canada...acted in the mighty duck series...and in dawsons creek

    WOW! talented actor..i must admit having a crush on him during the mighty ducks days....and then into dawsons creek...he really showed his talent in dawsons creek..he portrayed pacey reall well...especially in the 3rd and 4th seasons w/ the joey story line....i am an avid JOEY PACEY fan so i really enjoyed his acting during the times when she turns him down and then realizes hes the one she should be with.....the series finale he did an amazing job being the upbeat friend during jens death....all in all josh is an amazing actor who can handle many forms of acting...and hes pre nice on the eyes;)right ladiesmoreless