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  • From The Mighty Ducks to Cursed

    I remember being around 6 years old sitting on the couch watching my favorite movie and dreaming about marrying the hockey team captain. This movie was Mighty Ducks and the captain was Joshua Jackson. Joshua may have very well been my first Hollywood crush and it has followed me into the teen years. I started watching Dawson's Creek in re-runs about three years ago and I fell in love with him all over again. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him as goofy Pacey and can totally break my heart as love-struck Pacey. I think he has a lot of talent and can't wait to see him in more movies or TV projects. Joshua brought a certain presence to all his characters that cannot be duplicated. I think he is a fine actor and can't wait to see more!
  • born in canada...acted in the mighty duck series...and in dawsons creek

    WOW! talented actor..i must admit having a crush on him during the mighty ducks days....and then into dawsons creek...he really showed his talent in dawsons creek..he portrayed pacey reall well...especially in the 3rd and 4th seasons w/ the joey story line....i am an avid JOEY PACEY fan so i really enjoyed his acting during the times when she turns him down and then realizes hes the one she should be with.....the series finale he did an amazing job being the upbeat friend during jens death....all in all josh is an amazing actor who can handle many forms of acting...and hes pre nice on the eyes;)right ladies
  • Is Joshua becoming a little arrogant?

    Joshua use to be ok to watch but lately gone down hill. I use to love watching Dawson Creek when he was with Andie and the whole Pandie storyline was happening but when the writers pair him up with Joey he became really annoying. All you use to do was wine like a baby and follow Joey around like a lost puppy as least when he was with Andie he had a bit of a back bone. They after Dawson Creek he did some good stuff like I love your work and Bobby but unfortunately Fringe has been a big let down. But to give him credit the whole cast is really irritating. But apart from his acting Joshua is becoming a little full of himself that whole laugh or die and bring Pacey back at comic-con was really stupid and he came across a bit arrogant.
  • Pj

    Pacey (Joshua) stole the show away from our tortured film maker Dawson just around the same time he stole the love of his life. Not that he stole her, technicly. I was so glad that the writers finally went down the road of Pj (Pacey + Joey) The very my all time favorite couple of the creek and am, by the way, so glad that they had the season together it made it by far the best.
  • And his name was JOSHUA JACKSON!

    joshua jackson is dawson's creek. He stole the show! no one cared to hear about dawson's (james vander beek) lame ambitions and wanting to grow up. He brings such an energy to the camera that no one else can come close to! He also has done over twenty five movies including the mighty ducks(1,2,3) scream 2, skulls, urban legend and the list goes on and on. He is only 28 so that goes to show, this man is extremely talented, and that talent landed him a role on the critically acclaimed series fringe!(which that show is amazing) he brings a real feeling to the show.

    Besides being one of the most beautiful people on earth keep his name in mind when thinking of the new hottest stars because he will be up there with tv royalty!
  • He is a fantastic actor.

    He is a fantastic actor and he was brill in Dawson's creek. i think that he is gorgeous and that he works really hard 4 a actor who is only 28 years old. He has been a good actor from the very beginning and he was brill in The mighty ducks movies.
  • One of the best actors of all times!!!

    For me, Joshua Jackson is one of the BEST actors I have ever seen. First time I saw him in Dawson's Creek, where I think he was absolutely amazing. He played his character so intense and made me feel in love with Pacey so deaply that I have placed Dawson's Creek in my top 5 favorites TV shows ever...
    And now, with this new show Fringe, I realize I like watching the show mostly because of Joshua...he is an amazing actor, an amazing person...
    And what I like the most about him is his charisma, his great sense of humor..he makes every character he plays so vivid, so alive...

    Such a beautifull actor, so amazing..and sexy!!! I really really love him!
  • Joshua is both a great actor...and person!

    Joshua currently portrays Peter Bishop on the FOX show, Fringe. I love his witty and sarcastic humor on the show; he truly brings this character to life. I've also seen Joshua on the movie The Skulls, which was a movie I had to watch for school. I wasn't a fan of the movie, but Joshua was excellent as Luke, conveying the perfect amount of zeal and morals into the character. As a person, I have to say Joshua is very pleasant, very gracious. I met him and asked him for his autograph and he was very friendly, even though he was clearly in a rush (and looked really tired). Great actor, great guy. I'm glad he's on Fringe and I wish him success in all he does!
  • He's a well known actor. He is especially known for his role on Dawson's Creek. He's been in many plays, and so far has started in twenty five movies. All which he's done a great job in.

    Joshua Jackson is my all time favorite actor in the word. I loved him in all his movies and I haven't yet seen him in a play but I hope I will soon. He has a great personality, a great smile, beautiful eyes and he's one hell of an actor. I loved him in Dawson's Creek as Pacey Witter. He made the character great. And if I am being honest the only reason I watched the show was for him and no one else. Joshua Jackson is a great actor and he'll continue to be one every year.
  • empty

    We all got to see Joshua Jackon in the "Mighty Ducks" movie, but he really made his mark on Hollywood playing Pacey on the televison series, "Dawson's Creek." A talented young actor, Jackson soon ventured back onto the big screen and has since made several memorable movies.
  • Joshua Jackson was above all a great actor on Dawson's Creek bringing his character Pacey Witter, off the page and into our hearts.

    Besides Joshua Jackson being very cute. He is also a great actor. With his works on Cruel Intentions where he played a character very opposite to his Dawson's Creek character Pacey. I think he should have been a bigger star and in bigger movies. So since this is going to end up being an one hundred word rant on the importance of Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek. I will keep this simple and short. Joshua Jackson is a great actor and inspired a generation of actors from his hit show. I think some day he might be rcognized more greatly for it though.
  • Amazing looks, with a great sense of humor, loads of charm, and talent to boot!

    I have adored him since the first episode I ever saw of Dawson's Creek. He truly stole the show. From day one he was my favorite character in every way. Honestly, I think he stole that show in season one, but I can understand those who think he did it in season two or three. In any case, he stole it. And it was a beautiful thing.

    In other roles, he's proven he is versatile and just as talented no matter what. I loved him as a scheming gay guy in Cruel Intentions. I loved him as the determined boy who gets caught up in the wrongdoings of a secret society in The Skulls. Every other role I've seen in him, I've loved. Even in interviews, he always seems like a wonderful guy -- laid back, sincere, and just as charming and witty as his Dawson's Creek alter ego.
  • My All Times biggest teenage crush

    Ever since I watched Dawson's Creek for the first time, couldn't help falling in love with him! Can't say it was looks, just... He was a star waiting to get himself out of the box! Everything he worked on from that point was a hit performance, Apt Pupil, Cruel Intentions, The Skulls.
    I still can't get over the fact he isn't a big star on the big screen! I've been a Dawson's Creek fan since 1998 and still today mostly because it still brings a smile to my face to watch him and Katie Holmes taking over the leading roles of the show!
  • One of The Best, One of The Unforgotten

    I Can't say enough how fit, good looking and a great actor Joshua is! From Mighty Ducks to Dawson's to The Skulls (and even Cruel Intentions as a gay!!!) he can play them ALL off! And how many others can you say the same about????????????

    The Best EVER!!

  • Loved him on Dawson's Creek. Cute, funny, AND good-looking.

    I really loved his character as Pacey on Dawson's Creek. He was the ideal friend and boyfriend. He was caring, sweet, funny, cute, handsome, charming, attractive, smart, and lovable. He is an excellent actor. The times I was moved while watching Dawson's Creek were mostly because of him. I wish there were more actors like him in all the TV shows, and I wish there were more people like Pacey in this world.
  • We need more of JJ!

    Joshua Jackson is an all-time classic guy. He is a very hott, charming man that can act and sing. His little (Canadian) accent is very cute also! In whatever character he plays, you just get drawn in and you can't help but watch him act. You can tell he has a passion for life!