Joshua Leonard





6/17/1975 , Houston, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Joshua Granville Leonard




Joshua Leonard is an American actor whose most significant movie credit is in The Blair Witch Project. Born in Houston, TX on June 17, 1974, he had an early exposure to theater, owing to the fact that his mother worked at a theater and his father taught theater. At a young age, his parents urged him into acting. However, he soon grew tired of it. In his teens he dropped out of high school and moved to Mexico. Later, he would return to the U.S. and complete a degree at the New York Film Academy, hoping to go into movie production. Originally expecting that the film would be a minor production, he starred in The Blair Witch Project in 1999. From that movie he made around four million dollars. He went on to have a role in Men of Honor and a number of smaller films, and he appeared in several episodes of CSI.