Joshua Seth

Joshua Seth


12/2/1970, Kent, Ohio, USA

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Jeremiah Freedman
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Joshua Seth attended NYU film school, where he saw the original version of the Japanese epic AKIRA. After watching this Joshua decided to become a voice over artist. Several years later after establishing a career in voice acting and starring in well known shows such as Digimon Digital…more


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  • I know everyone love him, but he's really nothing special.

    I have nothing againts Joshua Seth. I think he's a pretty talented voice actor. It's just I've seen way better voice actors. When you her the voicing talents of People like Tara Strong, Phil LaMarr, or even Will Friedle, it's hard to top them.

    Joshua has been used in way too many animes. Yes, he does put some soul into his acting, but all the voices sound exactly the same. Tara Strong and Phil will atleast use new voices to match the role they're playing, but Joshua uses the same exacted voice every time.

    Like I said before, I have nothing againts the guy. I loved his work in shows like Digimon and Cyborg 009. But he's just overrated.moreless
  • A Great Voice Actor

    Joshua Seth has probably got one of the most unique and highly attractive voices I have ever head. I have only heard him voicing Tai Kamiya, a digimon character, but I still find it great. He has a very interesting voice, a one of a kind type voice. I think is voice is highly distinctive. When he voices Tai Kamiya, I often feel, "This IS Tai. This is the voicxe Tai was meant to have from the beginning." Sadly, Joshua Seth is no longer a voice actor, but he was a very memoriable one. A tribute to Joshua Seth - one of the greatest voice actors in existence. Go Seth! YAY!! :Dmoreless