Joss Stone

Joss Stone


4/11/1987, Dover, England

Birth Name

Joscelyn Eve Stoker


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Joss was born in Dover, Kent, England to parents to parents Richard and Wendy Stoker. She attended school at Uffculme Comprehensive School where she first performed live. Joss' first big break was at the young age of fourteen when she was on the British talent TV show Starmore


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    • Joss Stone: You know what? I'd give up fame tomorrow for a solid relationship. Looking back now, I wonder if it really was love between Beau [Dozier] and me. I think it must have been deep infatuation based on lust.

    • Joss Stone: (when asked if she was dating anyone in 2007) I'm not dating anybody. The only boyfriend I have right now is my music. It's that interesting.

    • Joss Stone: (on her most embarrassing moment) Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I was supporting Simply Red and it was like my first gig. You know I hadn't sang anywhere really, apart from a tiny little club. And I was wearing this really long blue skirt and a black thong, and it was one of them stretchy things, and I wasn't wearing any shoes or nothing, but I stood on my own skirt and pulled it down. And it was so embarrassing. I didn't think anybody saw it, but I will never forget that. It was horrible. (laughs)

    • Joss: (on her breakup with music producer Beau Dozier) I don't know what happened, but what can you do? I love him more than anything in the world.

    • Joss:(on the tabloids) Showbiz's ridiculous, it's funny and it's all a joke. There are more interesting things to talk about than my hair colour, who I am dating or how short my skirt is. Millions of children are dying in Africa and they are talking about that shit.

    • Joss:(on the late Princess Di) As I grew up and learned more, I realized this woman was beautiful, she is an angel and to be part of this concert is amazing. If I wish to meet somebody when I die, she would be one of them. I would want a conversation with someone that lovely, that affected that many people all over the world. I want to talk to her one day and I will, I feel it.

    • Joss: (on her album, "The Soul Sessions", impressive sales) I didn't mean it to, but people kept on buying.

    • Joss: (on her album "Mind, Body, and Soul") I think my singing is so much better on this album. Your voice can never be the same, once you've started singing live as much as I have over the past year.

    • Joss Stone: If I am destined to be as big as Britney I will be. If not, I will not.

    • Joss Stone: I didn't write those songs, but I can relate to every one of them. It's soul music. I have to feel it, in order to sing it with a little bit of soul.

    • Joss: I don't believe that anybody's busy lifestyle can stop two people from being together if it's right.

    • Joss: For me, personally, Mind, Body and Soul is my real debut.

  • Joss Stone is the best! I could listen to her for hours!

    First of all, I LOVE Joss Stone! The first song I heard by her was "Tell Me 'Bout It" and as soon as I did, I bought her first album "Mind, Body & Soul" and loved it. It's really amazing!

    Joss has an amazing voice that is very hard to pull off.

    I don't see why people think that she's music for "older people" because me and my friend love her, and we're pretty young!

    I've also heard people say that her music is boring. That could be because it's the kind of music that you're supposed to listen to to calm down, not rock out to.

    That's all I gots to say!

    Joss is the best! She's in my top three artists list!moreless
  • What an amazing voice!

    I just found out about Joss Stone a little while ago, and I immediately got attached to her music and her lovely voice. She has an amazing voice! I have only listened to one of her songs, but that song brought tears to my eyes. Even after one song, I want her CD. I'll have to buy it soon. Well, there's one thing that bothers me. People think she's old and that she sings the kind of music our parents like. That's not true. She's only twenty years old, and it offensive that people think 20 is old. I'm 27, and I am not old. It's sad that she's taken for granted. Some people won't give her a chance. They automatically judge her without knowing anything about her or knowing what her music sounds like. I knew when my friend XB introduced me to Joss' music, she was amazing, and I was right. She is a great singer, and she has a bit of Kelly Clarkson in her voice. It just makes me sad that people judge her before they listen to her music or learn about her. I never did that. I listened to her music and was attached immediately. I hope to get her CD soon and listen to more of her songs. She has one of the most beautiful voices ever, and she is another imspiration for my singing. Joss, don't let people judge you. You deserve more credit than you get. You have a beautiful voice. Keep up the great work Sweetie.moreless