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  • Overrated one-hit wonder

    The only good things he did were "Buffy" (the show, *not* the movie or comic) and "Angel". Everything else (yes, including "Firefly" and "Serenity") has been insipid crap. I never understood why some people raved about how amazing "Firefly" was when it was so awful. The only good thing about it was the mystery about the blue-hands which never really got a satisfying resolution (if any). He must stop being given work because despite the blind, uninformed opinion of zealous fan-atics, he has repeatedly shown that he is not talented and only got lucky a couple of times.

  • The Godfather of Sci Fi

    Joss Whedon is a genius. He is the godfather of sci fi. He created the greatest TV show ever, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (starring Sarah Michelle Geller) which ran for 7 years and got a comic book continuation, then it's spin off show, Angel (starring David Boreanez) which ran for 5 years then got a comic book continuation. He then moved on to Firefly (Starring Nathan Fillion) which only ran for 1 year then got a movie follow up. He then created Dr Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog (starring Neil Patrick Harris) which may get a sequel, and is currently working on Dollhouse (starring Eliza Dushku) which has just been given a second series.
  • Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Dr. Horrible. From the beginning Joss has made his mark on the world as a true a orginal

    From the beginning Joss has made his mark on the world as a true a orginal, he is a visionary in television and will forever have the most loyal fans who will follow him any where to any project. I know I would. My love for Joss began of course with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV), as it did for most of his fans, from the second it began Buffy was a different kind of show unlike anything on tv and became a run away hit launching the teen era for the now defunct WB network. Buffy helped define a generation and that generation owes Joss a great deal of respect. With his second hit Angel, though less acclaimed then Buffy, he proved he was not a one hit wonder and could really dish out originality compelling stories and well developed enthralling character like no other. He knew how to make quality television. Even with Firefly, which could be deemed a failure from a certain perspective, soard to amazing heights. After being cancelled shortly after it began airing the fans went to new heights and thanks to them Firefly was turned into a big screen adaptation entitled Serenity.

    Though Firefly didn't gain a cult status like Buffy it did have just as many loyal and dedicated fans as Angel did. It was another example of the fact that Joss was more then a one hit wonder but also that he was creative beyond words. A space scifi western filled with quirk, characters for everyone, action and comedy Firefly may not have lasted long but it the minds of Joss Whedon fans it's just as important as Angel or Buffy for that matter. With his latest project Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Joss also showed us that he has an amazing commitment to his fans, to his work, and to his own integrity. He continues to out do himself and try to reach new heights and mediums. I know we can only expect great things from him in the future. On the big screen, small screen and even now the computer screen. No one can write characters like Joss, no one can make tv like Joss and no one seems more devoted to challenging himself and reinventing himself, much like he does with his on screen characters, then Joss.
  • Joss Whedon is amazing if you ask me.

    Joss has given us so much... Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, the comics and now Dollhouse.
    He is such a talented writer and he can be so funny yet so serious.
    In all his shows the combination of emotions is handled really well. He knows when to make it more one thing and more of another. He also seems like he does a lot at once what with all the comics, new show and when the writers strike was on. Plus there's all the messages, some more discrete than others in his shows and that thing he does when he doesn't want to decide too much for us so leavs it open to our own imagination. Not too many others do all of this.
    I know some people think that he is now letting it get to his head but I don't think he is. I think he is still quite a down to earth guy who enjoys making these things for us and he is full of wisdom. I think he is truly amazing and I can not wait to see Dollhouse. Hoping he'll bring us again another amazing show.
  • I feel like I owe him an apology...

    I feel like I owe Joss Whedon and apology for not watching his shows the first time around when they were origianly broadcast. Especially for not watching "Firefly", which turned out to be my favorite show ever, but was cancelled because of low ratings. He is also responsible for the shows "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", which I didn't watch at the time because I thought ot was a silly teen show (it's not), and for "Angel" which I didn't watch because I thought you had to be familar with Buffy. (you don't) His shows actauly focus on the complex relationships of people. Those people just happen to be in fantastic locals and situations. But the drama and humor mined from real relationships are what make the shows truely exceptional.
  • I believe he is very talented, but I believe it has gone to his head.

    He gave us Buffy. Loved it - an iconic study in the power of women and the strength to stand-alone without having to have a man by her side. However, he seemed to be jealous of the beauty of the men he created to stand by her -- both Angel and Spike, simply because they were prettier than the physicality of himself, so he made Angel leave and Spike evil, whipped, evil, whipped, then dead. All the while making Buffy "the poor tortured soul" in all this-- supposedly. Interesting writing, it made Joss's career, as well as all the actors'.

    He gave us Angel -- interesting and twisted show that played all over the gamut from incestuous to nonsensical. Everyone loved it except the network -- that he keeps returning to (?).

    He gave us Firefly -- browncoats can attest to the appeal of the show because the verse lives on-- Serenity shall never die.

    He gave us didn't make the millions desired, but once again the verse lives on.

    Millions of fans still follow and write their own continuing fictions about the whedonverse that he so masterfully crafted. BUT, he is just a person.

    Wonder Woman isn't in the verse....testimony to the fact that people will give up on the Whedon as my master mentality and only take his putting things off for years and years and years for only so long.

    "I'll never do television again.." We are glad he is coming back. We wished he would have picked a different network, but maybe no one else would work with him because of his attitude? He does great work, but he doesn't do it alone. He owes much to his entire team. He owes the success of Buffy to the casting, not to his creative genius and his marvelous writing. He needs to admit that Buffy would have never made 7 years without the gorgeous face and acting ability of James Marsters. No one else draws a crowd like that man. Just ask the folks at the conventions -- the other people hate him. Now that Master Joss has humbled himself enough to come back to TV, he needs to put that man in a series not yesterday, but NOW. he has wasted too many years and too much unearned money being small and spoiled. Sure Joss is talented, but he is also shortsighted and petty. The only reason a Spike movie didn't materialize was because he was "too busy working on other projects" . Lets get with the program and get a program in place that makes the fans of the verse happy, J-man. One with stick-to-itiveness. One that has meat, substance and makes sense.

    Show us your worth, stop being petty, short-sighted and flighty and we'll stop losing faith in you and start rebuilding the pedestals we had raised in the past.
  • clever, handsom, brilliant writer what else is there to say he's talented at everything he does...

    Joss Whedon has made memorable things in his time starting off with his first job on roxanne which he left soon after because he didn't think they appreciated his work and then went on to do tv but his love of all time was movies but when he tried in the movies it seemed noone wanted them so he followed in his familys footsteps and did tv starting off with his tv series which lasted 7 series buffy the vampire slayer and then went to do a spin off series in it's 4th series called angel which went on to do 5 series on both shows he created, wrote, exeutive produced, directed and stared in. in the fith series of angel joss created a tv series called firefly which sadly only got 14 episodes but then after much pushing joss returned the series with a movie. it is safe to say joss is multitalented because besides all that he also writes comics i mean who else is more talented than joss he mite not be the most known in hollywood but he is the most talented.
  • The Best writer ever!!!

    Joss is the best!!! I have not seen Firefly yet but I know that I eventually will because Joss Whedon brought it to us!

    Buffy is always going to be one of my favorite shows and it will always mean a lot to me and I wouldn't have that had it not been for Joss! So much of his work on Buffy was just so amazing and brilliant! I loved that he made the blonde girl my favorite superhero and someone that almost anyone can relate to. He created truly amazing characters with the show that I will always love!

    I also enjoyed his work on Angel! Angel will never be as great as Buffy but it was still an amazing show that will always have a place in my heart!

    And if it wasn't for Buffy and Angel I would never have started watching Bones so Joss truly is a GOD!!!
  • Writing god.

    Joss whedon is by far the most talented writer ever. The buffy movie was a bummer, but that was good because he might not have made a series out of it. Angel is probably the most sucsesful spin off there ever was. And firefly. serenity. Oh my god. I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with a show with a spaceship.
    Buffy shows that not only men can kick ass, which is really great, because you dont get much of that do you? Angel was.. well it was angel. if youve seen it you know what I mean right?
  • From the man that gave you Buffy, Angel, FireFly, Serenity, and so much more... Thy name is Joss.

    Joss Whedon has done something that so may have tried. He has changed the world. He has done it with words and scripts, characters, and music. This man is truelly what we need. He has inspirational and moving ideas that have created the best of the best. Buffy the Vampire Slayer have touched many lives, including mine. With his witty comments, moving sence, and strong opinions, Joss Whedon has created much more then a cult seriese! Joss has become a TV/Movie icon. So has his amazing characters. What would we be like without his mind? Not good, that's what. This man has made statements about life and rights that have impowered the world. Thanks to Whedon, there is always a show, character, person, and idea that you can come to. You can relate and live to. Thanks to the man that brought the true raw aspects of life into the most realistic sci-fi/drama/horror/action/fantasy/comedy/musicle/reality/teen conflict show out there! Long live Joss, long live passion!
  • The Writing God!

    Joss is the best writer ever!!! I have loved all of his work with Buffy and Angel. He has written some of the best episodes for both of those shows. Buffy's musical episode was just plain amazing and I loved "Waiting in the Wings" on Angel. Those are two of his finest examples of writing.

    I know The Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie was not the way he wanted it but it was still good, not as good as the show, but good nonetheless.

    Although I have yet to see Firefly just knowing that Joss created that show makes me want to watch it.

    Joss Whedon is one of the best television show creaters and I would watch anything that had his name going for it!
  • The greatest person to ever walk this earth.

    Joss Whedon is brilliant. The idea to make a movie about the blonde girl that always gets murdered was epic. And when the movie was a disaster because the making was rushed to get it out, he bounced back greatly by making the best television show ever created! And in the meantime he also found the time to create the best spin-off ever. After the glory of Buffy was calmed down for a while he made firefly, which I, I'm sad to say, have not seen yet, but I saw Serenity which was great. He's brilliant in working out the characters, the lingo, the scripts and everything you need in a tv serie! There aren't enough words to describe how amazing Joss is!

    Joss Whedon, who most of you will know created Buffy which was one of the most fantastic tv series i have ever seen which then stemed off from Buffy to Angel which was equally brilliant. Joss Whedon also wrote Firefly which unfortunately only lasted for one season but was also made into the movie serenity which was brilliant. Not only having done the tv serieses Buffy, Angel and Firefly but he also wrote the storyline for the comic series Astonishing Xmen (Very Good) and he is also currently (12/1/07)writing a buffy comic which would be the equivilant of Buffy Season 8. A fantastic human being.
  • Joss is a God.

    This man is absolutely increadible. He makes everything he touches turn to gold [- even if Fox cannot see it]. Writing for amazing things like Rosanne, Aliens Resurrection, Toy Story.. Was just an amazing beginning. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, having lasted 7 seasons (an 8th coming to the comic book world) has had so much success.. Being able to take the premise of a movie that has essentially bombed and making it into a world of its own is unheard of, nevermind later having a hit spinoff [Angel], comics, novels, and a whole verse of its own....its unbelievable...

    If this doesnt convince you of how much of a genius he is think of Firefly/Serenity. Joss Whedon was able to make a blockbuster hit [Serenity] from a show that was (very sadly) cancelled in its first season! Who else could say they were able to do that?!

    The wit, the intelligence, the vision, the passion... these things and so much more are what makes Joss an asset the world of television and movies today.
  • Joss Whedon, an awesome persona.

    I first heard of Joss Whedon of course through the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and I've been a fan of both that and its run off series Angel. I come up with show ideas and scripts like they fall off my brain and even have some in the works, I wish I could contact Mr. Whedon on them, he is a true visionary. Many would believe his views on feminism and homosexuality a 'risque' topic, but coming as an avid fan of his work, I enjoy his methods, his brilliant writing talent and his ability to always make the mind wander to what's out there... an incredible person he is...
  • Joss Whedon is a very good writer and director.

    Joss Whedon is one of the best writer and director that I know. Joss Whedon is the creator of three of my favorite television shows. Joss Whedon was a very good writer and director on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. All of my favorite episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer were written and directed by Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon is a very talented person because, he focuses more on dialogue rather than everything else. Since Joss Whedon focuses more on dialogue rather than everything else makes him very unique because, no one else seems to do that except him and some of the people that work with him and it makes you pay attention more to what is going on in that episode. Joss Whedon is the most talented person because, he has a very unique style of doing things when he writes and directs a episode.
  • Great guy but wat is with the killing?

    Ok so i love Joss's TV show sand Movie...i think he is absolutly great at the whole writting directing etc etc thing that he does...he is absolutly great at it... but i don't see the point in killing so many ppl...Serenity and the series final of Angel...wat the hell he kills everyone which means there will be no come backa d no tat really annoys me o am not happy about it. He obviously has a problem with keeping people and relationships for that matter alive...he kills and de-flames all of them and doesn't care who gets hurt in the process...because usually it is the viewer...

    i am not critsising that much i love his work but honestly he needs to get a grip.
  • Joss whedon is an excellent director, he has taken part in many media productions but his most important production to him is his television show, "Buffy the vampire Slayer." he has done marvellous work in film. Joss, make us more.

    He is my favourite director, there is no-one better than Joss. He has been a very important person in pop culture, and has affected the way that every single teenager speaks today. This man is amazingly witty, smart, fast-thinking and unique. He has created some of my favourite television shows and movies, and he knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you haven't heard of him, go look him up and buy all of the television shows and movies that he has created- if you have any idea what a good show is, then you will enjoy all things Whedon. There will never be another person like him, so enjoy everything that he does, because this is as great as a person can possibly get.
  • He is a genius for writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    Joss Whedon created a movie called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" which I heard did poorly but then he created a Tv show called... "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and that show is fantastic! He's also written a few other movies as well but Buffy is or was his main work so he becomes an All-time great!
  • Joss Whedon is a TV god!

    He has written a few of the best shows on tv! I love this guy! Buffy was amazing then it's spin off Angel was also the bestest... I love what he has done to the Tv world... Buffy has its own universe... the Buffy-Verse was my home while the two shows were still airing and Spike was my Buffy-verse lover... Angel and Buffy changed the way I thought of vampires I found that they could have souls and that's where it started with Angel the original Vampire with a soul... I thought he was cute until I saw Spike... lol
    I haven't really watched Firefly but from what I have heard it's amazing... lol I've seen the movies Toy Story and Toy Story 2 of which he wrote the story for... I wonder where he comes up with this stuff...
    I wish he would get to another Buffy spinoff he can't just leave us hanging... we need to know what happened to all his amazing characters...
    The Buffy movie was a disgrace however... It was nothing like the show which was a good thing because the movie was really bad... The unaired pilot of Buffy was really wierd espcially after seeing the first episode that was actually aired... lol it was silly...
    Joss don't leave us hanging!! Write a spin off a book of what actually happens anything!! Just tell us please!!!
    Angel and Buffy rocked my world! Joss Whedon is a God!!!
  • This man changed my life with television. My hero

    This isn't so much a review of Joss, more like a confession of love.

    Knowing that Joss has a soft spot for Buffy's internet fan-base gives me, perhaps the false hope that he may one day read this "review" and realise just what Buffy the Vampire Slayer means to me.


    You created a show so fabulous that it seems to take up a large majority of my time, even three years after it ended. Buffy is in my heart. Cheesey, I know. It's only a television show, afterall. But to so many people Buffy is a lot more than that. The creation of character's so real means that people believe in them completely. We care for them, we feel like we personally know them. We care that it didn't win any Emmy's, even though we realise the snobbery that filters these awards, the total lack of understanding of what makes "good" t.v. and the ludicrous way in which it's judges only seem to adore what they *think* is serious television.

    It's no accident that The Body, Hush and Restless are my favourite episodes, *your* episodes. You broke boundaries. You were daring and adventurous. Not to mention outrageously talented.

    Along with Angel and Firefly you have created some of the greatest television in history. You are the Scorsese of the small screen. Underrated by corrupt Hollywood award shows, acclaimed by the world's best critcs, a hero to your army of loyal fans, inspirational to your fellow workers.

    Your passion in your work is also outstanding. The goosebumps and excitement that one feels the first time they are about to listen to one of your dvd's commentries. It's like listening to God talking about how he made the world.

    If I ever won the lottery I would pay you to come to my house(mansion) and talk about Buffy. YOU ARE GOD!

    Thank you.

    Please make "Ripper". Show the world that Buffy can have, not one, but two magnificent spin-off shows.

    Joss Whedon: The chosen one of television making.

    Apologies to anyone who is sickened by my ass-licking of the Holy T.V. Messiah
  • This man is brilliant!

    Joss Whedon created two of my favorite television series of all time, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. He has a brilliant mind and I wish he would make more incredible shows. He has changed television so much, he portrayed blonde females as smart, powerful women. I know that he will continue to do great things for television.
  • Best writer EVER

    He is so great he has credited some of my favorite things like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the movie Serentiy is one of my favs. he is great he's wrote some great things like Hush from Buffy thats my 2nd fav. ep. and Once More With Feeling my fav/ ep from Buffy and such much more great things keep doing what your doing because it is so great.
  • He's God. That's all I have to say.

    This frickin man is the best person alive! Ask anybody, they'll back me up. First of all, he created Buffy the Vampire Slayer for bean's sake. Funny name, I know, but watch the show and see what a genius this man truly is. I loved Toy Story, I loved Speed, and I loved Serenity. All were written BY HIM. He also created Angel, which is one of the best shows ever. But Buffy is his high point. He's so original, and that's what I love about Joss. You never know what's gonna happen I love! Basically, he's the one to watch. Trust me, he's God.
  • I absolutly love joss whedon! he is just brilliant! he is the best thing to happen to this business. i absolutly loved his work on buffy the vampire slayer. it is my all time favorite show and i am like obsessed with all of his work... he is just amazing.

    so i basically LOVE joss whedon! he is hilarious. and he should have his own show! besides buffy. which is my favorite show. he is just all around amazing. and i love all his work. he is very inspirational and i cannot tell you enough how much i love him!
  • Always funny, intelligent, and original (even when ripping other people's ideas).

    After writing "Alien Resurrection", his script was butchered to make a decent film. Later came "Buffy", then "Angel", then "Firefly". The latter two were cancelled, but Joss resurrected Firefly as Serenity the movie. Now taking aim at an original film called "Goners" and the movie adaptation of "Wonder Woman", his career as a movie writer/producer/director seems to be as solid as his television career. But only time will tell... time not wasted, mind.
  • Joss Whedon is a genius!

    This man is fanstastic. He created three of my all time favourite shows (Buffy, Angel and Firefly) and gave us Serenity (the firefly movie) (although Joss, what you did to Wash in the movie...Why??...had me traumatised for weeks). Just to top it all off he is a fan of Veronica Mars which is one of my current favourites.
    I just hope his creative genius continues to bring us more of the same amazing things.
  • Joss Whedon is GOD

    I classify Joss Whedon as God. He is the best writer ever and created my two favorite shows- Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I have never been disappointed with an episode in both of these series and I can watch them over and over again without getting tired of them. He is THE best and I love him.

    I cannot even believe his works. He is so creative and original and everything he makes is so interesting. His shows have never been dull, and always make me want to watch more and more. If I see one of his episodes, I'm addicted. Definitely check out his works.
  • If not the greatest creative mind ever. He has so much more to accomplish and I can't wait for that to happen.

    I've loved everything he's written, Roseanne, Titan A.E., Firefly, Angel, Buffy, Serenity and soon to be Wonder Woman.

    Joss Whedon has to be the greatest writing mind in.. well... ever. The fantastic shows of his have been underrated by many, the "failed" show Firefly was a huge favourite of mine before someone decided to pull the plug and maybe that was for the better as we got Angel instead, this man has a passion for writing and even though I wished Angel and Firefly were rehashed I just can't wait to see what else he brings before us so we can be totally obsessed about that too.

    He is a God of the Sci-Fi genre.
  • Writing credits include: Roseanne, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Toy Story, Angel, Firefly, Serenity... what more can i say.

    gene roddenberry, chris carter, matt groening, david e. kelley, darren star. these are all creators of arguably the most revolutionary shows in tv history but all of these guys have one problem. theiy eventually branch out into other shows that turn out to be exact clones of the shows they started with. joss whedon takes risks. u never know whats gonna happen, whos gonna die, a characters reaction or who will hook up and even with the unpredictability it still seems organic rather than a random loss of ideas. he also isnt guilty of desperately grasping to a sinking ship like matt groening or over playing a franchise... so if u dont like buffy, dont write off angel or firefly or whatever else he lays his hand to. joss whedon is never the same twice. GENIUS!
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