Jovanna Huguet





8/29/1980 , Vancouver, BC

Birth Name

Jovanna Huguet




Jovanna began her career in the arts as a dancer with a focus on ballet. When an injury prevented her from continuing on with her dance career, she found that she still needed a way to express herself in the arts. Knowing that she always had a passion for performance and entertainment, she realized her dream of becoming an actress.

After working in Off-Broadway productions in NYC, Jovanna found that what she truly wanted to pursue was acting in film and television. This decision led her back to Vancouver, where she has just completed a year of full time studies, at the Vancouver Film School. She also just finished shooting her first lead in a feature length film, Part of the Game.

Jovanna has attended the "Walnut Hill School" (Natick, MA), Broadway Dance Center (NYC), Ballet Arts/Carnegie Hall (NYC), Weist-Barron Acting Studio (NYC), and Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, BC).