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  • I knew Joy Westmore when I was a kid

    I went to primary school with Joy Westmore's kids. They lived on a beach-front property on Nepean Highway in Seaford (near Carrum) - a Bayside suburb of Melbourne. Joy was good friends with Graham Kennedy, and she was a regular on the Graham Kennedy Show especially in the early years of Australian television. Joy was always extremely friendly and generous. I remember she made a point of waiting in front of her place on the Highway to hose down over-heated athletes as they ran by each summer in long distance Fun Runs for charity. She was truly one of the Grand Dames of Australian television.

    Here are the details regarding her appearances with Graham Kennedy:

    Australian TV personality Graham Kennedy hosted two different comedy variety series bearing his name in the title. The first, broadcast over Australia's 9 Network during the 1960-1961 season, co-starred Kennedy with Joff Ellen, Bert Newton, and Joy Westmore. The second, telecast over the same network from 1972 to 1975, also featured Newton and Westmore, with the addition of Pete Smith. Both series were unremarkable save for a brief scandal during the second run in which Graham Kennedy was alleged to have uttered a dirty word during a live commercial (he later insisted that he was merely imitating a crow, leaving one to wonder what profanity rhymes with "Caw, ~ Hal Erickson, Rovimoreless