Juanita Moore





10/19/1922 , Los Angeles, California, USA

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Actress Juanita Moore is just one of many African American actresses in Hollywood who was given the opportunity to act at a time when many African Americans didn't have that chance. Dynamic and swift, Moore first got the attention of 20th Century Fox and immediately had her starring in supporting roles in such films including Lydia Bailey, Afraid of Trinidad, "Queen Bee" and Ransom". Because of the time of racial standards, Moore never gave up this opportunity to act. In 1959, Moore received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress as Lana Turner's troubled maid in the motion picture from the best selling novel "Imitation of Life". Moore continued to act in major motion pictures that included "Walk on the Wild Side" and "The Singing Nun". She became a fixture of such black-oriented films of the 70's including Up Tight!, The Mack and Abby. Her recent appearances have included her in the 1988 erotic sex thriller Two Moon Junction and Disney's The Kid with Bruce Willis in 2000.