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Judd Apatow


12/6/1967, Syosset, New York, USA

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Judd Apatow is a screenwriter, producer and actor who has both made, and worked on several feature films and television series. Judd began his career hosting a radio show while still in high school. After graduation Judd began a career as a stand-up comedian, appearing as a regular…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Judd was one of just 105 people who were invited to the AMPAS in 2008.

    • In 2002, Judd directed a costume design skit for the 74th Annual Academy Awards. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller were in the skit.

    • Judd appeared on Adam Sandler's comedy album "What the Hell Happened To Me?" in 1996.

    • Judd has cast Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Martin Starr, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Matthew McKane, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson in alot of his movies.

    • Judd was nominated six times for an Emmy award for his work on The Larry Sanders Show.

    • His writing style of character driven plots comes from his mentor Garry Shandling.

    • Judd started his career in comedy in high school where he was the host of a segment on the school's radio station called the Club Comedy. During his time at the radio station, he interviewed Steve Allen, Howard Stern, Harold Ramis and John Candy, and then-unknowns Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. His mom worked at a comedy club so she had access to these contacts.

    • He lists filmmakers James L. Brooks, Hal Ashby, Robert Altman and John Cassavetes among his favorites.

    • As of June 2007, Judd lives with his family at the Pacific Palisades in LA.

    • Even with screenwriters Akiva Goldsman and Stephen Gaghan's sponsorship, Judd was turned down to be a memeber of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

    • He is 5' 8½" tall.

    • He was ranked number one on EW's The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood list in 2007.

    • He has said that his favorite comedy movie is Young Frankenstein.

    • He asked his comedy idol, Steve Martin, for his autograph before he was famous. Martin refused (he didn't give autographs at his home) which caused Judd to write him a letter with some nicely placed profanity. In response, Martin sent him a copy of his book, "Cruel Shoes" with the inscription "Sorry, I didn't realize I was speaking to THE Judd Apatow".

    • Judd's first job was as a dishwasher in a comedy club. He took the job so he could meet stand-up comics.

    • Judd came to Hollywood when he was only 17.

    • Actor Adam Sandler used to be Judd's roommate.

    • Judd discovered actor Jay Baruchel and actress Amy Poehler.

    • Judd has a long history of working with members of the frat pack. Apatow has worked with every single main member at least once.

    • On June 9, 1997 Judd married actress Leslie Mann. They have two children together named Maude and Iris.

    • Apatow, to this day claims that he was wrongly uncredited for his part in writing The Cable Guy. He states that he wrote, and rewrote almost all of the script and received no credit. However, the courts did not agree.

    • Judd Apatow co-wrote the Disney movie Heavyweights.

    • Judd is co-writer of the remake of Fun With Dick and Jane. The new version stars Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni.

    • Had a big screen hit with The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Apatow directed and co-wrote the film, which was #1 at the Box Office for two consecutive weeks.

  • Quotes

    • Judd Apatow: It's a very funny, ridiculous idea that it's easier to cry than it is to make people laugh.

    • Judd Apatow: It's about time that a movie where a man urinates in his own face is on the same top 10 list as Munich.

    • Judd Apatow: I am not a thief of ideas.

    • Judd Apatow: I dropped my Cable Guy lawsuit not because the film got bad reviews but because I spent eighty grand on it and my lawyer told me I was going to lose.

    • Judd Apatow: It's very difficult to get DVD's done in time. You have to find and cut a lot of material.

    • Judd Apatow: I'm a giant fan of DVD's, and I love DVD extras.

    • Judd Apatow: I have always been a fan of developing movies with the people who are going to star in them.

    • Judd Apatow: I'm a big fan of improvisation.

    • Judd Apatow: I have no idea how to shoot a musical.

    • Judd Apatow: You don't need a better situation when you're doing very well.

    • Judd Apatow: When you're spending months on set, why not be around people who crack you up?

    • Judd Apatow: If you find someone who's funny, of course you want to work with them again. It's like a good dance partner - you know their moves.

    • Judd Apatow: When R-rated comedies don't work, the studios are really embarrassed by them. But a PG-13 comedy is actually less offensive than an episode of Friends. I think people want something a little more adult.

    • Judd: I think that everything I do tends to root for the underdog. I always felt as a kid that I was under appreciated, invisible or weird, but I've always secretly thought people would one day appreciate what is different about me. I'm always putting that message out there. Eventually, the nerds and the geeks will have their day.

    • Judd: College is the reward for surviving high school. Most people have great fun stories from college and nightmare stories from high school.

  • The King of Comedy...

    Judd Apatow has been around for yeasr creating some of my favourite comedy movies, whether he is writing, directing or producing films more often than not they are funny. My favourite film that he has worked on is Knocked Up inn which he wrote, produced and directed, I think the comedy in that film is genuis. Also love Superbad, 40 year old vurgin, Anchorman, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pineapple Express, Step Brothers and Cable guy. I think a lot of credit should also go to his regular casts like Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd and Jason Segal among others. He has also worked in TV Freeks and Geeks was one of the funniest shows around but it was cancelled after its first season. Apatow is doing a great job at consistantly making funy films and I cant wait for this summers Funny People becasue that is sure to be another hit.moreless
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    Apatow is the greatest.. :)