Judd Apatow





12/6/1967 , Syosset, New York, USA

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Judd Apatow is a screenwriter, producer and actor who has both made, and worked on several feature films and television series. Judd began his career hosting a radio show while still in high school. After graduation Judd began a career as a stand-up comedian, appearing as a regular on Fox's Comic Strip Live. But after that shows short life, Judd began to work on writing and producing. Apatow has written for both Tom and Roseanne Arnold on several occasions. Judd also worked on three critically acclaimed TV series. He was co-creator, writer, executive producer and sometime actor on the sketch comedy series The Ben Stiller Show.,which was swiftly canceled despite great reviews. Judd then had some success with The Larry Sanders Show. As a writer and producer.

Judd's big screen writing debut along with Steven Brill, came with the kids favorite Heavyweights, on which he also served as co-executive producer and had a small role. In 1996, Apatow wrote the sports comedy Celtic Pride. During the same year, he had his biggest-budget film to date, Ben Stiller's The Cable Guy, starring Jim Carey. While on the set of The Cable Guy, Apatow met future wife Leslie Mann.

After The Cable Guy Apatow went on to create one of TV's most loved yet little-watched series Freaks & Geeks. During the aftermath of Freaks & Geeks, Judd created a similar show entitled Undeclared. After the unfortunate cancellation of Undeclared, Judd went on to produce the Will Ferrell comedy Anchorman Judd then wrote and directed the popular and well-reviewed R-rated comedy The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Since The 40 Year Old Virgin, Judd has worked on the Will Ferrell comedy Talladega Nights, and his writer/directorial follow-up to The 40 Year Old Virgin entitled Knocked Up.