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  • Wow he is an amazing actor

    I first saw him in Independence Day and love it he was real fatherly in that show, then came numbers and he acted another fatherly role for Don and Charlie, and straight away I knew that they got the right person to play their father. He also looks younger in this show then in Independence Day. In numb3rs he is such a cool dad, allowing both the son more of Charlie to stay with him without him paying anything (it was mention in the first season that is why Charlie after he bought the house off his dad allows his dad to stay in the same house without any rent). That was real cool!!! Also helping his son once in a while.
  • Hollywood Legend!

    Judd is one of Hollywood's Finest and Most Talented Actors of our time, He was absoultly great In "Taxi" And "Dear John" I wish They didnt Cancel That Show it was a good Show I Liked it alot. But The One Role I Absoultly love him is In "Independance Day" where he played Julius Levinson GOD! He was Hilarious and Great in that movie!

    Back to the TV Screen, I Really Like Judd's Current show "Numb3rs" It's really Cool though I'm no Math Genius nor am i good at math myself but still it's a good show.
  • Underrated but above average

    Judd is an above average but underrated actor now that
    I am glad he is back on Numb3rs as the dad.
    After playing the lead and sometimes straight man role
    In Taxi and Dear John. And after failed attempts to be
    The comic relief in short-lived shows, in a sense, he is
    For Numb3rs the comic relief to the sons' straight men appeal.
  • Great underrated actor finally gets a chance to strut his stuff again in Numb3rs!

    So glad to see Judd Hirsch on screen again, he is so enjoyable to watch! So underrated, thank God there are other people like me who enjoy this multi-talented actor, from comedy to drama, he can do it all. Playing the father in Numb3rs, is just a charming entertaining character. Thank you for giving this veteran a chance to show the younger generation what a talent he is! ~